Using [YOU] in toasters and Speech Bubble Style Update


I actually quite like the new bubbles! Other than the problems listed above, I think that the way the choices are displayed can be changed. I feel as if the choices are appearing closer to one another than before. In the previous stye, the choices were slightly farther apart from each other, and people still complained about clicking the wrong one, etc. So, if we put the choices a bit closer, I think pressing the wrong thing will be more possible. I wonder if this even makes sense…


I think there are some but it doesn’t seem to be so bad so far. I haven’t gone through all my chapters yet .


Have you taken the name out completely?
It could be because you filled the name out by pushing on the space bar.


I think you still have to call it ‘Demi’ or ‘Mean Girls’ to get the different colours.


Beta testers?


Oh so maybe they didn’t get to that part of the update.


The people they’d use to try out the new speech bubbles while testing them out.


Oh. So they get, like, perks basically?


None of us know any more than you do.


Oh ok. I remember hearing about being able to change colors of the speech bubbles. I figured maybe you might know. So we will just wait and see I guess. I’m sure you will post the information when you get it.


You can change colors now.


Same… I don’t know how people can’t like it!


I will