Please read and follow the rules.


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I have read the rules and I know you are working on a drawn request. I have no problem waiting

Good, but for drawn it’s the same as for edits, if the list is full I don’t accept any more requests, because that is already something like a ‘waiting list’. I don’t have a waiting list of this list because the wait times would be multiple months and I don’t do that.


ahhhhhh thank you!!! :heart: :heart:

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Thank you soo much

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Thank you so much :heartbeat:

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Hi! I loved collaborating with you in the past for a custom pose. I’ve noticed you’ve added a waiting list for edit requests. Could you please add me there please?

I’m sorry but like it says above the list, I do not add any new requests currently until the one that are there are done.

Alright, I’m sorry for misunderstanding and I hope I didn’t bother you!

It’s fine, don’t worry.

Besides I can let you know when I’m accepting new requests again, if you want.

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Yes, please. Thank you :white_heart:

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Here’s the sketch, please let me know if you want any changes!
After you approve, I’ll continue.

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omg i love it! feel free to carry on <3

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Love your work! Can i request for some backgrounds and edits?

Character edited requests are currently closed. But background requests are open.

Okay, I will request for a few soon :slight_smile:

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Background request
  • What background should be changed (Please upload it):

  • What should be changed : Remove the stars from the sky, I want it to be a completely dark sky. The bg should be a little darker , like the ground is quite grey, it’ll look better if blacker/darker. Could you also make the trees slightly bigger, that’ll be great.

  • If you want things added: If possible, add some rotten logs/mushrooms/decayed things (make it seem like a nasty, inhospitable place) and you may add some bones and a little bit of blood, rocks,etc. I also want some blackish smoke floating around (not too visible).


Mushrooms/logs/decayed or dead things:

Like that, (poisonous) but could be uglier. Should be black or dark purple in colour.


Litter a few bones or skulls here and there:

Just some splatters will do, if possible.

Black smoke:
These are all fine.

Thank you so much! One question, do I credit you via instagram?

Everything’s explained on top.

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