V.H's Coding Services [OPEN]

It is the script because I want those people talking like people would do in a classroom but it’s okay, I can do it the easy way


Requests-break changed from four weeks to two!

Hi! Just a quick question :slight_smile: what exactly is a “scene” to you?
Just one conversation before a backgroud change? Just wanna know how big of a “workload” you’re offering I guess ^^

thanks :slight_smile:

One scene is from the first line (background) until the background changes. And as mentioned the number of scenes depends on how long or how complex one is. If the requested scene is quite short, or only includes dialogues, no or few overlays and characters I’m willing to do more than one.
Any scenes that provide regular background changes (For example, conversations where one character is always seen from behind, and the face only shows when they’re talking or anything else) will be handled differently of course.

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Alright thanks so much! Will you close your service soon? Just wanna know how much time I have to prepare my request ^^

No, I’m not planning to close currently.

Besides what I also forgot to mention, things like mini-games, game menus, and similar aren’t limited to one scene.

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Alright thanks! I’ll send you an official request soon :hugs:

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May I ask, if I want to ask your coding service and I’d like some advice on coding to improve my coding skills, then will you accept or reject my request?

Just asking so I’ll know in case I am going to ask your service in the future

This thread is only for requests where I code complete scene’s for other people. Anything else that is not an entire scene can be discussed via PM (only) by interest.