V.H's Reviews [OPEN]

I’m back offering reviews again, this time in a different way.
It’s obvious to me that my expectations of a story’s plot do not match with the ones most people in the community have, so I decided I will not judge the plot anymore.
Everything will be about directing, and because of that, I will watch much more carefully.

If you want to know what will be included in the review, here’s the template I use with everything listed: Review Template

Request rules:

  • You have to follow me on Instagram (@v.h_stories) *
  • Your story’s plot will not appear in or affect the review.
  • The max. of episodes I read is 3.
  • IG is required to request a review.
  • The things I mention are there as advice on improving your story.
  • Please be respectful even if the review might be rated differently than you expect.
  • The review will be posted on my IG.
  • Reviews with a score below 20 will be shared privately only.
  • Any questions will be done via DM.
  • You have to inform me after filling out the form
  • If you don’t inform me that you’ve filled out the form, your request will be deleted after 7 days.

Request form:
Review Request

I am willing to proofread/review unpublished stories as well. Still, the plot will not be part of the review for these!

Happy requesting!

*If you don’t your request will be declined. In case of unfollowing after the review is done, you’ll be blocked from any of my services (Including r4r, reviews, coding, and art).




Hi there! Is this open to unpublished stories?


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I am interested, I have filled the form.

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Hello! I just filled out the form (:

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Rules updated

New reviews posted




Hi! I just requested a review! Is it possible to request again once the story is published? :heart:

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Yes, of course. You can request as often as you want, no matter if it’s the same story or not.

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I haven’t submitted the request yet since i have a question, you say the max# of episodes you’ll read is 3 at one time - but are you willing to do less that 3? I have one chapter completed of my unpublished story, and I’m trying to get as much feedback as possible on the chapter before I move on to chapter 2.
Also, what is your timeframe?

I’ve submitted a request!

Yes, less than three is fine too. I have I total of 13 outstanding requests right now, I’m going by chronological order so you have to wait for some time

Hey can you review mine (ps , i dknt need the template anyomore so sorry if you already stsrted on it :pensive:)

Please fill out the form

You haven’t send me the details, so I could’ve have started anything

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Alr give me somee time

It wont let me add a cover

Only image files with less than 10MB can be uploaded.

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