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Love Island

That’s right! Love Island is finally here! And this summer, you can definitely expect storms! Love Island is a reality show in which 15 contestants, at first, face off in the villa in order to find love, heartbreak, and £1,000,000! Each ceremony, either the girls or the boys will pick a partner. The odd one out, who didn’t get picked, will be eliminated from the villa. And we give the audience a chance, of course, by voting in the least compatible couple or their least favourite person. Enjoy the drinks, gossip, drama and romance, right here in the Love Island villa!

@oorgeloop, @hey.twilla, @Episode.BriarRose and @epi.alyssaa will be helping me with this RP.
In the roleplay, each week will be four days, and each day will be one or two, depending on how active the group is.
Each week there will be a challenge. If it is a single challenge, then whoever wins gets a date of their choice. If it is a couple’s challenge, then whoever wins will get a random prize or a date together.
When islanders leave, there is a chance that new islanders arrive.
Speaking of new islanders, the Sign-Ups will be open until the final 6. But this may change as the roleplay goes on.
The Hideaway will also be in this rp, a place where all the islanders vote for a couple go inside alone, whether it’s a deep conversation or some boom boom time.
Yes, there will be texts, but instead of me posting the text on the thread, I will PM you it. This is so it will be more similar to the actual texts.
In the end, there will be a poll for audience and eliminated islanders. They will vote the couple they think should win. None of the final couples should vote. I am also going to add the “fan favourite”. Where the audience vote who their favourite islander, eliminated or not. The fan favourite wins £20,000, so make sure to play your cards right and stir up the drama!
And I may or may not have an eliminated islander return.

✿.。.: ☆::. RULES .::.☆*.:。.✿*

  • No characters can be homosexual in order for this roleplay to play out.
  • If you’re going to swear, use the blur or *'s!
  • Sex scenes are allowed, but do not describe them in a disgusting way.
  • The only electronics allowed in the house are your phones (in which you cannot text or facetime) and the TV.
  • You cannot have “perfect” characters. Everyone has flaws, you know!
  • You must be active in order to join. If you are not active for 3 days without warning me, @epi.alyssaa, @oorgeloop, @Episode.BriarRose or @hey.twilla your character will be put up for adoption, if your character is not adopted within a week, your character will be medically evacuated from the villa, or just left by themselves. So, please, try to get to know all of the characters, or at least the majority of them.
  • Please do not be a floater in the game, you will not have any fun and you’ll barely be able to dip your foot in the pool before you get the door, like Kieran and Idris from 2018 for example.
  • If you intend on making more than one character, make the genders equal. Like, if you’re making a girl but plan on making another character, make a boy.
  • Speaking of characters, max characters is 6.
  • And most of all, have fun and enjoy!

Note that this is my first rp, so tell me if I make any mistakes!
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Reserve for an original


And I sign up for a guy and a girl?


No need to reserve! Other islanders will come in when the game has already started.


Of course you can!


Okay in that case can i make a guy and a girl?




making a girl and boy!


Yay! Great to see you making a character!


Making a girl and a guy!




Finished my girl will do my boy later!


Cool! I will check it out now!


Dive with both


I want to reserve for a girl and a girl


No need to reserve! I plan on keeping the sign ups open for new islanders.


I signed up for 2 girls


yesss!!! i love this show i’ll reserve for a girl and boy! :smiley:


I know! It’s amazing! Ship Jani forever! And by the way, there’s no need to reserve, I plan on bringing in new islanders!


yess jani! i love season 2 as well, it’s on netflix so right now i’m watching it for the second time!