«-(¯`v´¯)-« Love Island ~|~ Sign Ups «-(¯`v´¯)-«


I’d like to sign up…reserve for a male…:wink:


It still is, I’m just a bit too busy at the moment to start this.


Okay, then. :smile:


Reserve for Female and Male ??


FIlled out the new form!




We need more boys, guys! We have more than 10 girls, so boys are crucial!


Have you got any more guys because I want to start X ? If you need more I’ll gladly make one .


Yes, I would need more. The max would be 3 guys because we need eliminations. : )


I can make another if needed to!!


Done, hope its good.


That would be much appreciated! I’m updating the faceclaims tomorrow, so if you could get finished up, I’ll put yours and @dramaqueen.episode’s characters on. There’s no rush, though. Take as much time as you want!


Ehm - is it tooooo late? :joy::joy:


Nope! :slight_smile: Just waiting for the reserved to finish up.


This should be fun and interesting, waiting for the best.