~ Valentines Outline Contest ~ ❤️

Heya guys and gals! Many months ago I held an OC contest and completely forgot about it and ghosted the entires. I feel terrible for it. I apologise but now I will be announcing the winner :raised_hands: Originally there would be three winners but because there were only three entries I’ll be choosing one winner :sunny:

The Entries

image by @StoryWriter10 :heart:

by @Cheyara_Skadi :heart:
by @Epithet :heart:

I loved all three of them :heart: but I have chosen @Epithet ‘s entry :sunny: It reminds me of a character I love so much from this show I adore.

You get an edit of your choice, that is if you’re still active on here or are interested, it’s been a while and I’m sorry for that :sweat_smile:


This brings us to the next OC entry. I’ve gotten a whole lot better at making outlines so I thought of an OC :sweat_smile:


My version of coloured

This one is Valentine’s Day themed :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

The only rules are no stealing and to keep my watermark.
You are allowed to change the outline but not too much that it’s not recognisable as the original.

The deadline is the 25 of February
Anyone can join! And be creative!
There will only be one winner and they will receive an edit of their choice :sunny:
Password: chocolate

Tag people who you think would like to join x



It’s the 25th of Feb and that means it’s the end of the OC contest and the results are in!

Thank you all so much for joining!
@ShortneyShadow @Bethany1 @Daniela96 @Gamer_Gurl @BlauwStories03 @RMM.Writes @Maria.StoryWritter @Infinitee @Addivi101 @Rac5hel @J.LunaElf @NellyFromEpisode @Lauren.H @Killerfrost @jessy.writes @Alyssa_Epi @SakuraCheam

I cannot believe how many wonderful people decided to join! :astonished::heart:

It was difficult to make the final decision, there were many beautifully shaded edits. :sunny:

As said before, there will only be one winner that will receive an edit of their choice (Max 2 characters)

1st Place

@Killerfrost !

Your version was absolutely stunning! I loved the face, it had me shook! You took the outline and made it into something that was your own :star: Every single detail meant effort and I appreciate that. Thank you for joining!

You can PM me the deets whenever about the edit :cherry_blossom:

2nd and 3rd place

These are honorable mentions!

2nd place - @Rac5hel !

I adored the colours and the hair! I also really liked the use of the overlays. And not to mention those tattoos :heart: Thank you for joining!

3rd place - @J.LunaElf and @BlauwStories03 !

It was really difficult to choose between these two edits, I loved the extra editing from @BlauwStories03 and the amazing shading by @J.LunaElf :heart:

Thank you again for taking your time to join and I hope you had fun! :star::heart:


Wow my art back then was bloody awful :joy::joy::joy:


Yay! I’m in, let’s paint :wink:

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No fam, twas bootyful :heart::joy:

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Do you recommend a painting app/program for mac? x

Haha! Thanks but my shading and stuff then was non existent, thankfully it’s much better now

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I’m not too sure about Mac editing programs. The only software I use is Procreate on an IPad :sunny:


Okay, thanks!

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Are we allowed to alter the outline slightly as long as its recognisable? Eg- adding cat ears/ changing her emotion up/ altering the hair?

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Yes of course! I should add that in the top haha

Okk :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:



I’ll join :blue_heart:


Oh my golly! Stunning!

Thank you :heart::heart:

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I’ll join. chocolate! :blush:

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I completely forgot this happened lol :sweat_smile::joy: I’ll message you about the edit, good luck to everyone entering!! :two_hearts::sparkling_heart:

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