Valeria's Episode Fashion Central! *OPEN* Get your outfits here!


Hi guys! It’s Valeria (aka Purple_Sour_Bear)!

This is the Episode Fashion Central…

A place where you can request for outfit ideas or ideas as to how your characters can look physically! I can provide to your fashion needs, so go on and request! But first, we have some info we need to look at!

Yes, I know! Rules are boring but necessary! So read over a few of them that I’ve established for this thread:

  1. NO DRAMA!!! I will not at all tolerate any drama on this thread!!! I’ve seen drama overcome a lot of threads. Let’s not forget the actual point in making this thread: FASHION!

  2. Be kind! Please do not disrespect me or any other users on this thread! If you do, I will decline your request. :pensive:

  3. You DO NOT need to credit me for any outfit or character ideas you receive from me. I don’t think something as simple as this requires credit because I don’t think the readers will care who made the outfit! :joy:

Fill out this form and insert in the comments below!

Character’s Personality:
What event/setting is the character in:
Does your character have a favorite color or a color that matches their personality:
What style is it (classic, ink, limelight):
Brief Description of Clothing:

You’re good to go!

I’ll try to get to your request soon and thanks for choosing Valeria’s Episode Fashion Central!

XOXO~Purple_Sour_Bear~ :purple_heart:

Banners made by me!


Looks cool!

Idea: Make a fashion contest


That would be a great idea to do in the future!! Thanks!


Hello :blush: I need some outfits for a little girl her name is Anya she has cancer :frowning: for every outfit I would love for her to have a head band or something like that. She has a sweet bubbly spirt and loves bright colors. Anya’s family doesn’t have much money but her clothes don’t really resemble their wealth. She still goes to school when she isn’t doing treatment. Anya just needs some comfy clothes and some cute but still casual clothes for school when she attends.


Great! I’ll get to work on your outfit!


I also have another request ^^
My next character is a 13 year old girl named Paloma, she is one of Anya’s older sister. Paloma loves animals and is a little fashionista lol. Her clothes sort of reflect her family’s wealth. She doesn’t like to show her stomach and wear crop tops. Paloma is in 8th grade and plays soccer. She has 4 siblings, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. The hottest it gets where the family lives is about 70 degrees F.


Got it! Your requests will be done soon!


uh-oh 2 more request,

The boys :slight_smile: Brooks is 10 and in 5th grade, he is a normal 5th grader boy that loves video games.
The oldest boy is Nathanial, he is 15 years old and a sophomore in high school, he is very impulsive and very protective of his siblings. He is very fit and wears dark colors. He wants to be in the military as soon as he is old enough. OH YA NON OF THEM WEAR GLASSES XD thanks so much for doing this I really don’t have enough time to create outfits because I have school and studying :slight_smile:


It’s fine! And I’ll have your outfit requests soon!


Yay I can’t wait to see them! :smiley:


Hi! So I have the first outfit!

Don’t mind the model :sweat_smile:
If you’d like a redo, let me know!

This is what I was thinking for the little girl Anya:


Oh its beautiful :slight_smile: thanks so much


Here’s what I have for Paloma! Let me know if you would like a redo:




Brook’s Outfit, let me know if you want a redo:


Your so talented! Wow!


Aww thanks! I’m working on the last one!


Here’s Nathaniel’s! Thanks for choosing Valeria’s Episode Fashion Central!

Let me know if you’d like a redo:


Thank you soooo much this has saved me soooo much time!!


Of course!