Valerie's Art Shop! ❣️ (Open/free) (splashes, character cards, pfp's and more) (custom posed and hair!)

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I’m Valerie!
Welcome to my the new and majorly improved art shop!

So i started learning to edit a few months back and i love it, so i’m still not perfect
For now in this thread i can do character cards, pfp’s and profile headers

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Here are a few of my examples:
I can do custom pose and custom hair too

There are 4 styles of edits that i do, every request in which this style would be choose able

Style 1

Style 2

Style 3

Style 4

The styles can be used in any requests

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  • Always please credit me credit me in your bio @Valerie_edits on forums

  • Always follow the rules! if not your request will be canceled

  • Fill out the forms fully if not i will decline your request

  • please give me a reasonable deadline

  • DO NOT THREADHOPP (If so i wont accept your request)

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Character card /pfp / profile headers.
  • character details:

  • Character outfits:

  • Background: (i can choose for you)

  • Theme:

  • Hobbies:

  • Name:

  • What style?:

  • pose reference: (if custom posed) (I can come up with one too):

  • If you want custom hair name 2-3 of your fav hairstyle:

  • Extras:

  • Deadline:


Beautiful banners by @mi.la_writes on instagram
people who requested to tag: @Ren1 @Faith.episode.cats @Akanksha.writes @Arielle_M




Hey!! Your examples are lovely :sparkling_heart:


Background you can choose!

Theme: Happy, friendly, funny.

Hobbies: Talking, video games, sport.

Name: on the character card (Arsen)

What style: 2 please.

Pose you can come up with!

Extras: None.

Deadline: Don’t have one, take your time!

Thanks :blob_hearts:

Thanks! @Arsenal : :sparkling_heart:
What is this?
Like a pfp?

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I would like to request a character card please :sparkling_heart:

  • character details:

Skin- Copper 05
Eyebrows- Arched Natural (black dark)
Hair- Medium Shoulder Curly (black dark)
Eyes - Round Medium ( Brown Pale)
Face- Round Soft
Nose- Round button
Lips- Full Flat Top Pouty (rose matte)
Body: Female Generic Body

  • Character outfits:

Top: Diamond Cutout Strap Thin Cotton Black
Jacket: Collared Crop Rolledup Sleeves Jacket Leather Grey Black
Pants: Flared Leg Belted Slacks Polyester Purple Mauve
Shoes: Chunky Tread Ankle Boots Leather Black

  • Background: (i can choose for you) You can choose for me.

  • Theme: dark, grunge aesthetic

  • Hobbies: Books, writing, reading

  • Name: Faith Rose

  • What style?: 1 Style

  • pose reference: (if custom posed) (I can come up with one too): I don’t have a preference.

  • If you want custom hair name 2-3 of your fav hairstyle: yes I would like

Updo Curly Long

Double Bun Half Down Hair

My hair is naturally Medium Shoulder Curly but you can change to the custom hairstyles

  • Extras: blushes, butterflies also don’t add to much highlights.

  • Deadline: By Sunday

Thank you!
Is this a pfp?

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No, A character card @Vi_Episode

I meant to put card not details :sweat_smile:

hii!! do you do custom outfits too? :heartpulse:

Hi I would like to request a character card

Here is the information

Click meh

Style= 1 please
Gender= Male and Female
Names= Male(Giovanni) Female (Anastasia)

Pose= Any you pick
Theme= Fun and music
Hobbies= Sports, Artistic and music


Skin: Neutral 04
Eyebrows:arched natural colour black
Eyes:generic colour ice blue
Body:female Athletic
Hair: messy sock bun colour Red
Lips:round pouty colour rose pink matte
Face: Diamond

Tattoos: I’m not sure what they are called but here’s a picture of them

Sorry I don’t have my laptop :sweat_smile:

Skin: Neutral 06
Body: Male Athletic
Eyes= any but please know that he is Korean/Italian colour Grey
Nose= Straight point or somethin like that :sweat_smile:
Eyebrows=arched natural colour black
Hair= Tousled (The short… one) colour ash blonde
Lips= medium lips any as long as it isn’t… big
Face= any (Again I am sooooo sorry I just don’t have my laptop :sweat_smile:)

Don’t have you can pick :woman_shrugging:t5:

Extras- eyebrow,ear and nose piercings for The BOTH of them
For Anastasia can you please let loose some of the hair :blush:
Pose= I don’t have you can come up with one
Deadline= Take your time I don’t have a deadline

I think that’s it :thinking:

Oh and Credits
Outfit by @daisyrodriguez
Edit by @Klearser

Hii!! can i request a pfp please? :white_heart:

  • character details:

body: female generic, neutral 03
brows: high arched angled, dark brown
hair: long straight wavy ends parted, brunette brown
eyes: deepset upturned wide, blue green
nose: defined natural
face: square defined
lips: full heart pouty, rose light nude gloss

  • Character outfits:

non-custom outfit:

custom outfit: the same but the sleeves cut off the top and the top recoloured to a purple/pink colour

  • Background: (i can choose for you) you can choose, but can i also have a version with no background? :white_heart:
  • Theme: summer
  • Hobbies: surfing, skateboarding
  • Name: Arielle
  • What style?: 1
  • pose reference: (if custom posed) (I can come up with one too): you can choose :white_heart:
  • If you want custom hair name 2-3 of your fav hairstyle:

  • Extras: no, i dont think so :white_heart:
  • Deadline: 4th august? tell me if you need more time :white_heart:

thanks!! let me know if you need any more details :white_heart:

Oh sorry, yes it is! :orange_heart:

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Yes i can try!

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request accepted! @Faith.episode.cats @Arsenal @Arielle_M @Ren1
I’ll get them done as fast as possible! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


1 spot open!


Hope you like it!
Let me know if you want any changes!


I love it! Thanks a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :revolving_hearts:

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:slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Here’s the pfp

I’m really happy with how this turned out!!!


aaah thank you!!! it looks so good :heartpulse::heartpulse:

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