VampArts Shop [USD Commissions/Trades]

Hello and welcome to my shop!

I’m Herman, currently a hobbyist artist with a strong love for creative works. While yes, I know my thread won’t be popular due to charging actual money for this sort of work, I do believe my prices are reasonable compared to the time and effort I put into my art.

I have two different art styles I use, my main art style and my old art style. Below are simple examples of my two art styles, and then some covers I’ve made which will be in my old art style as my art style change is relatively recent.

I also am open to art trades instead of USD, but I am a little picky with art styles. Please don’t be offended if I turn you down for an art trade!


Main Art Style

Old Art Style


My prices are as follows:

Note: All of the prices are in USD

Full body (1 person): $25
Full body (2 people): $35
Half body (1 person): $15
Half Body (2 people): $25
Fine details (feathers, scales, etc.): + $5
Shading/Highlights: + $2
Detailed Drawn Backgrounds: + $5

The price for more than 2 characters is the price for 2 people of each style + $12 for each new character on full bodies, + $8 for each new character for half bodies.

Other Art (Current style only):
Head/Bust shot: $10
Half Body: $15
Full Body: $25
Fine details (feathers, scales, etc.): + $5
Shading/Highlights: + $2
Detailed Drawn Backgrounds: + $5

Thank you for checking out my thread! If you’re interested in a trade or commissioning me feel free to ask on this thread or DM me on my Instagram @hermanepisode!

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Some more examples, too!

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Also offering: Sketches for $5 !


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