Vampire bite Template pls?

Basically I’m trying to get a vampire in my story to bite someones neck but the trouble im having is that my character keeps facing the wrong way when he goes to bite his victim and she is standing in front of him, and yes I have tried to change their layers but it didn’t work no matter how many times i tried to fix it. So if its possible, could someone make a template or a solution to this problem :slight_smile:

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Which directions do you want them facing? I have her facing right here.

&MALE spot 1.280 160 0 and MALE faces right and MALE moves to layer 2
&FEMALE spot 1.280 155 -14 and FEMALE faces right and FEMALE moves to layer 1 
&FEMALE is biteneck_receive_terrified
@MALE is biteneck_give_aggressive_rear
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the directions are perfect! Thank you so much

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