Vampire stories red and green flags?

What are your green and red flags in vampire stories? :triangular_flag_on_post:
What you like and what you don’t? What would made you stop reading story?
Share whatever feeling you have about vampire stories!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
(Currently looking for a vampire story with decent directing and let me tell you… it’s hard :melting_face:)

These are the main ones for me:

Red flag:
vampire 500+ years MC 18
Overprotective LI
LI likes to kill and drinks human blood not animal
MC is scared of vampires but he is her mate
MC is shy human

Can’t really think of green ones at the moment :sweat_smile:

I really like Adopted vampire, then sequel Falling for red eyes and sinned soul. Also bite my tongue, and stories by alphan

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I’m currently rereading Adopted Vampire! Love it sm.
Absolutely agree with the red flags :melting_face:


Fantasy is my fav genre and I’ve read most vampire stories…
I don’t have a problem with the vampire being hundreds of years old… as long as the mc is 18 or over I don’t see the issue., I mean it’s not as if the vampire is going to look old… likely was made a vampire young, so will look age related to mc.
The only red flag,is anything non consensual in anything related to mc. As in if he doesn’t have permission for any intimate interactions…or drinking their blood.
But Vampires are not meant to be kind creatures, hence they will kill etc.
I will give you a list of what I think are great stories later


My fav vampire story is Revenge in Jackson hole.
High school blood lust and Until dawn was good too.

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Then you have a lot to read till you catch up till Sinned Soul (the 3rd part). Yasmine put it on hold and I miss it🥺

I published my first story yesterday which is related to a mystery vampire, but the main leads are not vampires, rather the vampires trick them and other people into being invited to their manor, which no one suspects… I tried differently bcoz I too was tired of seeing the vampire as the main leads.

Can I get story name? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ohh i can’t wait to get there. I read years ago some chapters :frowning: too bad it’s on hold

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The secret of mysterious manor thank you :heart:

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Red flag: stalking mc

Green flag: Eum?protect the mc?

So you don’t like when vampires are being… vampires?
I miss the days when vampires where bloodthirsty monsters and badass, but then came Twilight and ruined everything.:unamused:

I have mixed feelings about this one. It all depends on the execution I think.

Yes 100%! :clap:

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It depends on how the story is written and how it’s showed.

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Agree, vampires are not kind creatures, they drink human blood, they compel humans to their Will. They don’t care or have feelings…
the way they are written on the app on stories, takes away what they are, and makes them heroes, saving the girl, respecting the girl etc… totally not what a vampire is.
All the worry about consent, age gap etc ( while I do understand that, and episode guidelines )
writing a story with fluffy loving vampires, it’s just not authentic…

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