Vampire story suggestions

Is there any stories with a vampire academy and the mic is a girl and it’s cc and ll and can customize the character

My prey

His Prey by @Syd_Ren

Could u send the link to the story pls

Craving For More is in LL, and I like it a lot.

Blind to Blood by @Uglygh0stt is my favorite story ever!

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They said it I got my and his wrong sorry is his prey

I can’t find this one

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Thanks boo❤

Here’s my story Blind To Blood.
It currently has 13 episodes and is on going!
I update weekly. :slight_smile:
Genre is a mix of Fantasy, drama and romance.
Description: Claudia’s life isn’t the same after meeting her new next door neighbor, Silas Harris.

My instagram is @uglygh0stt

Huh, it is kind of popular though. Try looking for it on the Fantasy shelf.

Is there any vampire academy stories that has cc and can customize the characters and change the names of them ?