Vampires :pppppppp

Someone recommend me your favourite vampire story!!

(but not Bite My Tongue or Eat Me Up cause i’m already obsessed with both)


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Haven’t read them, but other Story Reviewers enjoyed these. A good place to start, can’t say for sure if this list is up to date.

The Nerdy Vampire by AmandaAshley
The Watchers by Cassidy Caravella
Sealed With A Kiss by Maxine and Aaron
The Vampire Assassin by Anna Jaeger

Let me know if you’d like more.


Blood Instinct (by @lishloowho on Instagram)

My Lover’s Bite is one of the best vampire stories on Episode, it deserves more recognition.

His Prey by @Syd_Ren

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Tainted Souls is the best vampire story I’ve read :no_entry_sign::billed_cap:

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Here’s my story Blind To Blood.:heart:

it’s not released yet, but i’m writing a story about vampires that you might like.

Vampire only stories:

Vampires + other magical creatures stories: