Vanilla's Art Shop 🙃 [CLOSE] •Art covers •Art scenes •Art character *and more!

Oh ok just send the details :sweat_smile:
And if you don’t mind requesting in here - Vanilla’s Art Thread :sparkles::heart_eyes:


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This is the villain of the story.

And again, I’m sorry but can you request in here? - Vanilla’s Thread :heart_eyes:
Thank you :sweat_smile:

Hi, there I want to ask if you are able to do some art cover for my story. On the other side of Rosewood by Maria Arevalo. If you could read it and see if it inspires any of your creations. Thank you!

I’d love to but can you please request in here?

Zombie Arts :black_heart:


I don’t know if anybody can help me

I’ve been looking through every art shop and every artist for over a year now but unfortunately either nobody has gotten back to me or haven’t been able to do it

I have a series of stories that I cannot publish without art scenes because my vision doesn’t look right even though people are telling me that it’s ok

If you understand what I mean and/or can help me

Please let me know

Thank you :blush:

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As I said in the last replay, I’d love to help you but can you request in the link that I’ve sent in my last replay? :heart:

I don’t have any replies


I’ve been looking for a year and got nowhere because nobody took the time

No I meant MY last replay :sweat_smile:
Never mind, here is the link - Zombie arts :black_heart:
You can request there! :heart:

Cover needed:
Character details and poses:


I’m sorry, this thread is close

@Jeremy can you please close this topic? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello, I am new to episode and I have started working on my first story.
Would u be able to illustrate an art scene for me?

This is closed :sparkling_heart:

Hey I really want a character art! Where can I contact you??? :heart: :heart: :heart:

This is closed and they’ve been inactive since last year :sparkling_heart:

Ooooooh okay, THANKS!

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