Vanilla's (First) Outline Contest! {Open}

Welcome boys and girls, to my very first outline contest!

I’d love to see how good you can color, therefore I am hosting this contest!

It’s mostly just a time-passer and is only for fun, however I will add some prizes.

Before I give out the outline, let’s start with rules, shall we?

  1. Credit if you’re gonna repost | If you want to repost your outline entry on instagram or any thread besides this one, please credit me for the outline; credit to @vanilla on the forums for the outline
    Note: you are only allowed to repost it on instagram, twitter and forums

  2. You’re not allowed to use the outline for anything else than this contest | You are not allowed to use my outline in any other way aside from reposting and this contest. Ex: Using the outline as an art scene on your story, posting on pinterest etc.

  3. Be creative | Though this is more like an advice rather than a rule, I will still remind you that there are points for creativity. Stealing any ideas, claiming that you are the one who coloured the outline (though you are not) and etc. is not allowed

  4. You can change the outline | You can change the outline but only minor details of the outline, or just make sure that the outline is still recognizable.

  5. VanillaV | I’d like to input a password to ensure that everyone who joins would read the rules. The password would be- VanillaV

  6. You have a maximum of 2 entries | You can enter two outlines at the same time, however you cannot enter 2 times with the same outline.

  7. Abide by the rules | Learn to follow the simple, little rules that I have typed in this thread. If ever you don’t, I will decline your entry and you will be disqualified,

The deadline for this outline contest is due on: 14 days from now
If your entry will be delayed, please reply so I can extend the due date.

Since I promised that there would be prizes, let’s hear it out, yes?

1st place prize. An appearance/cameo in my story, any type of art with a maximum of 3 characters, 2 full body character sketches

2nd place prize. An appearance/cameo in my story, any type of art with a maximum of 2 characters, 1 waist to head character sketch

3rd place prize. An appearance/cameo in my story, any type of art with a maximum of 1 character, 1 shoulder to head character sketch

Smaller prize winners
4th place. A full body character outline, a shoulder to head character sketch
Most creative - a full body character outline
Unexpected colour pallete - a full body character outline

Note: I know that I’m not allowed to make a character appear in my story due to ‘wrongly portraying the character’ but I believe that a brief appearance should hopefully be okay


The outline:

Sorry if its a little cr-ppy, this was a little rushed.

Heres an outline I did 3 days ago, I didnt finish the whole drawing but this outline should suffice for an outline contest.

Once you have finished with you entry, please add in my watermark somewhere in your drawing:

If you have any issues or questions, don’t be afraid to ask! :smiley:


Can i enter ?


Ima gonna enter. VanillaV

I think ill join VanillaV

Entering! VanillaV




She changed a lot :joy: hope it’s still ok though :heart:
If anyone recognises the runes on her arms, neck and belly them were friends now :joy:

Time taken: 7 and a half hours
App: IbisPaint :heart:


Im gonna enter but i need more time thx!password:VanillaV

Im done!



Awesome entry! Thanks for entering :heart:

That’s cute! Thanks for entering :heart:
But please add my watermark somewhere in your entry :blush:

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Thank you love! :smile:

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I’m entering. :sweat_smile:
Password: VanillaV

This is my piece. The outline was so fun and I love it. This is my second time doing an outline, I tired to be creative :sweat_smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Bitchhh! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Thank you for entering ! :heart:

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We rarely portray our true selves on the outside… Our inner selves are far too scary…

Noice! Thanks for entering :heart: