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Hey! Welcome to my review thread :blush:
I will review your story in honesty so don’t get offended :upside_down_face:
All I need is
• title
• small cover
• Short description
• author name
• link

And I will read it as fast as I can :sparkles:

Waiting list -

Done reviews -


Here are mine. If you have enough time, could you please review both? :slight_smile: Take your time, I can be patient. Thanks!
Title: Dreams and Nightmares
Author: Dreamer
Genre: Romance
Style: Ink
Description: Scarlet had a rough past and it looks like it’s not getting better after she was bought by some mysterious guy. Will she ever turn her life from a nightmare to a dream?
Episodes: 18 (more coming soon)
Instagram: dreamer.episode

Title: Adventurous: Project Humanity
Author: Dreamer
Genre: Adventure
Style: Limelight
Description: In a world without sadness, your father starts a little project. What happens when you take part in it? Will you find your place in a world with new possibilities, new feelings?
Episodes: 3 (more coming soon)
Instagram: dreamer.episode

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I would love a review :slightly_smiling_face:
Title: I made the devil cry
Author: Sebule
You’re a soldier trying to save the kingdom from darkness. There’ s just one problem-the fate you can’t escape from. But you can always try.

Thank you!

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@RainbowCat Sure I will :blush:
@Sebule Np :heart:

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I would love a review

Title: The Star Necklace

Author: Mayah

Description: you are the most rich girl in your country in addition you’re famous but what happens when the Star Necklace uncovers your true identity

Style: ink


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Story name : CHAOS
Author name : RJ_GSB
Summary : Blaze Norman, a cold and ruthless CEO of Norman enterprises has decided to take Ava Carter as his bride.Not in heavens was going to stop him.
Link :

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Hi. My name is Danielle. It would be so cool if you’re able review my story. Take your time no rush :blush:
Title: Not Me
Author: Danielle_love
Summary: Kristina has been lied to her entire life so she decides to move away to start afresh but it seems that she can’t escape her past.

Link :

Thanks for the consideration :blush:

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thanks so much! here’s mine!

Title: Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane
Author: Marshmallow O.
Summary: It’s a race against time as you and your friends try to escape the mysterious sleepover that you were invited to…

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Would it be alright if you could check out my story if not it’s okiesss :D. I’ll read yours as well :smiley:

My story: © Tribe of Malapinchi
Author: Jannah Jackson
Genre: Thriller/Mystery/Horror/Fantasy/Adventure
Description: Toss into a land of the sun, magic, lies and dark secrets in Asia. Can you survive, solve the havoc and save everyone before it’s too late? CharacterCustomization
Episodes: 5/6


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First story-

The plot is really good, it can be a bit of cliche but who doesn’t like stories like that, right? :joy:

• the start is a bit unclear, you can explain a bit more about what happened to her and what she’s thinking.
•add more thoughts, especially in the part when she’s in they’re home. express what she’s feeling.
• when the characters walk from place to do place they get smaller or bigger…,
• the characters reaction is a bit exaggerated.
• when scarlet gets off of the bad she just appears on the floor and doesn’t get up first.
• a lot happens in a small amount of time, maybe you should add some more details…

And that’s it basically, I really liked the idea! :heart:
I will review your second story ones I’m done with the others, i hope that’s ok :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, would you consider reviewing mine? Thank you :blush:

Title: False Impression
Description: False rumors, misunderstandings and unending mishaps. Leslie and Clyde must plan their ultimate break-up scene. If only everyone would stop cheering for them. Multiple Endings

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Hi, It’s my first published story so any suggestions that might help me to be better author are appreciated. We are geting some readesc and even fan mail, but I havent got much real feedback yet. So any sugestions are appreciated!

Title - Clue: Secret of the necklace
Episode author - Farah DeSantis & Grace
Description - Marbel finds a mysterious necklace, hidden in a book, which is dedicated to someone with the same name as her. Was the book left there for her or someone else? CC, LL & Choices
Link -

Genre - Mystery
Style - LL
Cover -
Episodes - 3 published (soon 4 episode will be out)
Where should I review you on - what is more comfortable for you here or PM me.

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The idea is really great, I loved the strong, brave MC thing :upside_down_face:

• the main character is usually the reader, so when she says nice to meet you it’s a bit confusing, especially if you’re adding choices…
of course You can try a character that is not the reader but she shouldn’t really talk to the readers :slightly_smiling_face:
• when you’re adding “…” make sure it’s three periods and not two.
• maybe you should explain a little more about Helena and the bold guy (sorry, I forgot the name :joy:)
• when the master says “No” and when Raven says “Yes” add a period.
• you forgot the add an a before “lot” when Helena says “but we lost lot of blood…”
• when the master says “not mine problem” change “mine” to my and add a period.

That’s it basically :sweat_smile:
You can add some fade in and fade out between the backgrounds tho, but it’s not that important :woman_shrugging:

Thank you so much for this thread!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’d be pleased if you’d check out my story! Here are some details so you can go check it out :relieved::two_hearts:

Story Details

Title: Roseville: City Of Secrets.

Description: “Roseville is a city. Not as innocent as it looks. Acelynn and her friends are trying to solve the mystery behind the serial killer. Will they? Or will it be too late? (Limited LCC)”

Genre: Mystery/Drama

Story Author: elisabethstarrr



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Thank you!

Of course that’s fine, take your time :slight_smile:

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The idea is good, all you need to do is improve your first episode :heart:

• you’re talking about the characters and things that might happen even before the story started in the part before the CC and it’s a bit confusing since the reader don’t know the characters yet.
• you’re using too much “…” and sometimes you’re adding more than three periods, especially in the part before the story starts, you used it almost after every sentence.
• in the first scene you spotted The MC in a too low spot and she was smaller than the bed and it looked a bit wired to have her there :sweat_smile:
• in the scene with the grandma and the big family the girl’s reaction is a bit exaggerated…
• instead of “Bye” try to add see you soon or see you later, don’t forget to add a period in the end.
• the grandma keep repeating herself, maybe you should change the sentences a bit
•there is a long part about the past and you don’t really gets to the point till a part in the and

I don’t mean to offend you somehow, I’m sorry if I did.
Good luck :sparkles:

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Thanks so much

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Hey! I would love for you to review my story! :blush: Thank you so much and I hope you like it! :black_heart:
Here’s my story:
Name: Where the Shadows Belong
Author: Dani
Instagram: daniepisodewriter
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Episodes: 3
Description: Alexia has known the demon world for as long as she remembers, but still, her life was simple until she decided to join supernatural hunters. And you? Are you willing to join them?
Style: Limelight

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