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• credit must be given
• you have to check if there is place in the request list (if there is the text - [empty] ) if not you can’t send a request


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Art Covers

Story name -

Character 1 features (Required) -
Character 2 features (Optional) -
Character 3 features (Optional) -
Character 4 features (Optional) -

Character 1 outfit (Required) -
Character 2 outfit (Optional) -
Character 3 outfit (Optional) -
Character 4 outfit (Optional) -

Background (you can ask me to surprise you or pick solid color background) -

Any other things I should know -


Warning both/sound warning/ other -
Background (you could let me surprise you or choose solid color background) -
Other things I should know -

Art scene

Characters features-
•Characters outfit-


•what would you like?
•other things I should know-




If one of the fields in the request file is empty (it’s can be empty only when this is an option) or if any of the places in the request list are empty but you still sending a request your request wil be rejected and you receive this picture:

If everything is okay your request will be accepted and you receive this picture:
And I will work on it ASAP✨

If you have any questions I will love to answer :two_hearts:
If not, please send everything to me in pm or to replay to this post :upside_down_face::sparkles:

Everything is free
But credit must be given - @Captain_vanilla


Hey could I have a
Mature themes and strong language splash and a follow me on insta splash

Mature themes splash

Can it have a navy blue background with the writing ‘this story contains mature themes and strong language’ in bold.

End of episode splash

Can it have a pink background with flowers saying ‘follow me on instagram @toxic_epy’ in bold.

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Working on it :upside_down_face:


Great thank you :blush:


Something like those? :yum:

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That’s amazing thank you so much :blush::heart_eyes::heart:

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Hi i would like a Cover
Title: Bloodless
Character 1: Female
Body: Honey, Brow: Medium Angled, Hair: Beach Wave Hair in Black, Eyes: Upturned Feline in Brown, Face: Oval, Nose: Upturned, Lips: Full Round in Scarlet
Character 2: Male
Body: Tan, Brow: Thick Arch, Hair: Modern Pompadour, Eyes: Deepset Piercing, Face: Defined Triangle, Nose: Botton, Lips: Uneven in Terracotta
Character 1:
Slit Skirt (Cherry Red), Tube Top (Cherry Red), Lacy Heels (Black), Black Ridged Moto Jacket
Character 2:
Ripped Punk Pants, Muscle Tank Blue, Blue High Top Dance Shoes

Inspo by:
I would like something like that (if positive) ^
thx :blush:

Working on it :upside_down_face::sparkles:

Ok thank you :grinning:

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Hey, sorry but do you mind replaying in my other thread - Vanilla’s Shop

Thank you :upside_down_face::heart:

Btw, if there’s a next time please replay at my new thread -
Vanilla’s Shop

Thanks :sparkling_heart:


So do i ask for it again in there ?

Hi please can I request a small and large cover.
Story Name - Fly By Night
Author - Lexxie AJ
Characters Features -
Body - Caramel
Brows - Seductive Arch
Hair - Beach Waves
Hair Colour - Black
Eyes - Upturned Bold
Eye Colour - White
Face - Soft Heart
Nose - Elven
Mouth - Classic
Lipstick - Ruby Red
Characters Outfit -
Pink Breezy Top
Glamorous Dress Skirt White
Gold Strapped Heel
Background - any beach at night with stars in the sky
Extra details - Can the font of the writing be white and something fancy

Thank you in advance


Like this? :sparkling_heart:

(First-large second-small)

Yes thank you so much

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Hey, can you make me a cover?

The Title is “Vanished…” and the main character is a girl named Tracy and the Boy main character is named Andrew, can you make Andrew’s arm around Tracy and Tracy look up into Andrew’s eyes?

Description Of Characters:

Tracy: Rose 02 Skin, Arched Natural Scar eyebrows,Long Double Dutch Braids for the hair (color brown),Round Medium eyes,Diamond face shape,Round Button Upturned nose, and Full Heart Pouty lips.

Andrew: Rose 02 Skin,Round Thin eyebrows,Slicked Back Solid for the hair (color black jet), Owl Wide Eyes,Square Jaw face shape,Button Round Nose, and Full Heart Natural lips.

Any background

If you can add effects then can you add whatever effects look the best?

Sorry if Im asking for to much

Thanks in advance!

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Oh sure.


Story name - Phone Boy

Character 1 features (Required) -
Skin- copper 00
Brows- Arched style thick
Hair - Beach wave in the colour brunette brown
Eyes - deepset almond in brown pale
Face - heart soft
Nose - round button upturned
Lips - full heart pouty in peach gloss

Character 2 features (Optional) -
Skin - rose 03
Brow - round soft
Hair - crew cut in black dark
Eyes - male generic in brown dark
Nose - male generic
Lips - medium straight natural in beige rose

Character 1 outfit (Required) -
Low cut crop top and skirt combo dress satin grey green teal
heels house party leather black

Character 2 outfit (Optional) -
button up rolled up sleeves untucked cotton grey black
minor faced watch leather red burgundy
chain accessories ripped jeans denim black
chelsea ankle boots pull tab leather grey black

Background (you can ask me to surprise you or pick solid color background) - Surprise me please.

Any other things I should know - That i am extremely thankful x


Can i please have an end of episode splash saying “follow me on Twitter @MrsIsotonic” I don’t mind how it is styled or designed, i’m not fussy so whatever you think looks best :slight_smile:

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