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Story name - Phone Boy

Character 1 features (Required) -
Skin- copper 00
Brows- Arched style thick
Hair - Beach wave in the colour brunette brown
Eyes - deepset almond in brown pale
Face - heart soft
Nose - round button upturned
Lips - full heart pouty in peach gloss

Character 2 features (Optional) -
Skin - rose 03
Brow - round soft
Hair - crew cut in black dark
Eyes - male generic in brown dark
Nose - male generic
Lips - medium straight natural in beige rose

Character 1 outfit (Required) -
Low cut crop top and skirt combo dress satin grey green teal
heels house party leather black

Character 2 outfit (Optional) -
button up rolled up sleeves untucked cotton grey black
minor faced watch leather red burgundy
chain accessories ripped jeans denim black
chelsea ankle boots pull tab leather grey black

Background (you can ask me to surprise you or pick solid color background) - Surprise me please.

Any other things I should know - That i am extremely thankful x


Can i please have an end of episode splash saying “follow me on Twitter @MrsIsotonic” I don’t mind how it is styled or designed, i’m not fussy so whatever you think looks best :slight_smile:

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Art cover or an edit? :upside_down_face:
And would you like your character at the splash?

an edit please
no character x

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Are those okay?

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Yes they are! they are perfect !! thank you so much x

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Hi can i see an art scene example?


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Story name - TREACHERY

Character 1 features (Required) -
Skin- copper 01
Brows- Arched natural, Black dark
Hair - Short wavy omber, Light brown
Eyes - False lashes smokey eye, Brown black
Face - Diamond defined contour
Nose - Defined natural
Lips - full heart pouty in peach gloss

Character2 features (Optional) -
Skin - Gold 02
Brow - Round soft, Dark brown
Hair - Conservative cut, Dark brown
Eyes - Sloping heavy lid, Brown dark
Face shape- Square long jaw stubble
Nose - Hookes grecian
Lips - Medium heart, rose light nude matte

Character 3 features (Optional) -
Skin- Rose 04
Brows- Thick arched styled, Deep brown
Hair - Straight medium, brown black
Eyes - deepset almond, voilet
Face - Diamond
Nose - Grecian soft
Lips - Heart shaped pout, Pink warm matte

Character 4 features (Optional) -
Skin- Silhouette
Brows- Thick arched styled, Black jet
Hair - Long voluminous curl loose, Black dark
Eyes - deepset upturned wide, Red
Face - Diamond
Nose - Grecian soft
Lips - Medium downturned pout, Red deep matte

Character 1 outfit (Required) -
Wrap belt blue navy
Belted ankle boots and blue leather
Thick frame neardy frames plastic neutral black

Character 2 outfit (Optional) -
Victorian vest shirt button up shirt cotton blue navy
Slacks casual fitted wool dark voilet
Penny loafer ankle socks leather brown true
Thin ramless glasses plastic brown

Character 3 outfit (Optional) -
Mesh Top Floral Spaghetti Strap Cream Floral
Double Button Elastic Knitted Headband Wool Grey Ivory
Holiday Strap Leather Yellow

Character 4 outfit (Optional) -
Starry witch dress cotton red candy
Chained pendant simple crystal green peridot
Long devil horn red black
Wings devil black

Background (you can ask me to surprise you or pick solid color background) - You can surprise me

Any other things I should know - This cover is for a horror story. So character 1,2 and 3 will be posing for family photo in the front
and character 4 will be standing back of them all and large in size fading like a shadow, Her pendent should be shining.
Can you do this ?

Hey, I’m sorry but do you mind requesting in here? - Zombie arts :black_heart:
Thank you :sparkles:

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I’m not sure how this is done so please bare with me…

I have been looking for covers, splashes and art scenes for a while, and have asked many people, but nobody has every gotten back to me.

Could you get back to me soon please



Hey could I have three splash please?
Warning both/sound warning/
Background- like a forest or something
And the 3rd splash with this character and like follow me on ig (VickyWrites.Episode)

Hi, are you to draw an art scene for me?
Currently I only need 1 art scene but I know I’ll need more.

The scene is in INT.ARCHIVE ROOM - DAY
Skin tone: Taupe
Brow: Thin arch
Hair: Short cropped hair
Eyes: Classic round
Face: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Lips: Classic

Skin tone: Caramel
Brow: Mature round
Hair: Long curly hair
Eyes: Upturned bold
Face: Oval
Nose: Elven
Lips: Full round

I want the guy to be holding the girl on the shoulders and looking into her eyes. He is a lot taller than her and they are both wearing the purple school uniform.
She’s having a panic attack so he’s trying to calm her down.

Thank you so much.

Hey, I’m sorry but look at the title, the shop is close…

Oh I’m so sorry

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That’s ok :sweat_smile:
If you’d like , you can request in here - Zombie arts :black_heart:

@Jeremy can you please close this topic? :upside_down_face:

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