Vanity mirror overlay

Hey, can someone please help me find the overlay version of this background?


I want the mirror part to be transparent so I can put my characters there like a reflection

i can try to make overlay. do you want like only mirror or mirror with the table?

I’d like the whole thing with only the mirror part as transparent if possible?

is this alright?

I’m sorry I think I didn’t explain it correctly :sob: I meant the opposite! I feel awful :sweat:

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ooh, i understand now! sorry, i’m slow lol🤣

Aw that’s perfect thank you so much!! Do you want me to credit your forum username or your IG?

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You’re welcome! I don’t really mind.:two_hearts:

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Thank you! I tried to use this overlay but it comes out very small, is there a way i can resize it? I’m sure I’m just doing something wrong. I’ll give you credit also!! Thanks for this