Various of foods overlays

So… I’ve read stories on episode, and I’ve found that most story always have eating scene, right?
But, I’ve found that most story are don’t have various kind of foods, I see that pizzas are the most common food (I am not saying pizzas are bad, I love pizzas too):heart::heart::heart:
But just in my opinion, isnt going to be fun if we can have lots of overlays for various foods😍 and we also can share about our different cultures with each other😁 cause I am dying to know more about everyones culture here❣️
So here I am, I’d like to know what country are you came from and what kind of food that common in your country? And it would be nice if you can describe what kind of food it is, is it sweets, savory and its a dessert or main course or appetizer, and what are they made of?:star_struck:

Well I’ll be the first, I am from Indonesia, and this is RENDANG, it has savory taste and usually we eat this with rice😁 they made of from meat that cooked with spices and coconut milk for hours

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