Varsity Jackets Limelight Males

Not sure if this is in the right place…

But I noticed the Limelight guys don’t have the Varsity Jackets and I swear they used to I may be mistaken though.

They do. Maybe they aren’t in the right category. If you search “varsity” they all come up

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I typed in Varsity nothing is showing I’ll clear the category and see what happens

Isn’t it school jacket or something?

They aren’t in a category they are just there that’s why I couldn’t see them when selecting Show All Tops.

I ticked every single category to see which one it would pop up in and nothing came up I cleared it and it appeared. Thanks for that.

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Could the Limelight Male Varsity Jackets please be put in the correct category as its not in one.
@Liz @Trinady @Jesse

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Lol, there’s a whole thread for this and it ain’t just the jackets either. Time to start memorizing the names of the clothes


oh my no more categorising things to look for just do a major scroll through haha


Closing as the elusive boy-coats seem to have been found :v:t2:

no I haven’t seen that bug

this is way old and already been solved as to why they weren’t showing
@Ryan you may close this thread now