Vehicle & window overlay needed

I need an overlay made & credit will be given.
I’m going to explain it the best I can. :grinning:

I need an overlay from the inside of the driver’s side in the vehicle. (preferably a light black or light gray interior). Along with a separate overlay as window to roll down showing the character from the outside (a.k.a a cop)

Here’s a picture I found online to hopefully help explain it better.

Photo link

The windows with need to see-through but still picture a reflection, hopefully you understand. Thanks in advance! :blob_hearts:

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Or if you happen to know someone with this please mention their Instagram/share the link.

I found this. If you can find someone to create overlays for this, maybe this could work? You could have the cop talk with this view

and then flip back to the character with this background:

(credit: uwu episode - I’m not quite sure what her instagram account is)

just make sure editing is allowed with her overlays - I couldn’t find anything that said not to edit her work, but maybe I missed it

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