Venomous Cure - Architha Sriram

Hey guys, Arch here!
I’ve finished season 1 of my story, Venomous Cure.
I’ve made mistakes yes, but please do read it and help me rectify my errors.
I’ll do the same for you, just let me know!
Thanks again guys!

I’d love to do a read for read!

My story is called The Hole and my author name is shanferg!

You can find my link in my

I’d love to know after you read my first 4 chapters, then I will start yours!

:heart_eyes: xx

Hey, are you on ig?

I don’t have a specific account for my story, but I do have my own private account!

Well, DM me @cdstories if you’d like to stay connected :blush:

Sure! Also, could you tell your friends to read my story? It would mean the world to me. <3

On IG, their usernames are @bolu.writes, @storiesbybridge, and @episode.thenerd4real. If you’d like to go and set something up with them, be my guest. :+1:t3:

Thank you!

Also, hey everyone! Just published 3 new episodes of season 2 of my story Venomous Cure! Please do go check it out :wink: I’d love to do a read for a read if you want.