Venting for small authors

I would like more readers for my story. Over time I’ve come across people who have published stories around the same time as I have, and maybe a little after I published mine. I only have 60 reads while every once in awhile I see theirs and some already hit 1k readers. I get no feedback on what I’m doing wrong or anything. So I never know what needs to be done so I can improve and get more readers. I’m sure there are others who feel the same way.


Same here…
My story was published 30/7/18 and only 33 reads…

Yup, I published mine in December of last year, and got 33 reads by April or May

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Oowww… what is the title. I’ll read it

There can be all kinds of reasons why another new author’s story may have taken off faster. Sometimes it’s honestly luck. Stories that have certain themes (e.g bad boys, teacher romances) also tend to do quite well. Certain covers and descriptions tend to do quite well too.
Some authors do a LOT of read for reads to get their initial 100+ or so reads. Sometimes, someone with a larger following could find their story and post screenshots.

Have you asked for any reviews on here or on Instagram? If you find a good reviewer, they might be able to shed some insight on what you could do to improve? Another bonus (especially on Instagram), is that if you get a good review, some of that account’s followers may then check your story out.

How many episodes do you have? You may find that once you start publishing regularly, more people could find your story. I rarely start stories with just three episodes anymore because I like to know that the story I’m starting is probably going to be finished.

My first story got 100 reads in two or so weeks but I did a LOT of read for reads. Honestly, read for reads really aren’t that good because they aren’t real readers. Most (if not all) of those people probably didn’t continue reading my story past the three chapters we agreed on. I’ll be honest- that story really wasn’t very good. My second story then got 1000 reads in a week and although I did a few read-for-reads, most of those reads came from people finding my story and sharing it (it was for a contest and a lot of people like to read contest entries so that helped). Sometimes you get lucky but just keep going. If you love your story, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of readers out there who’ll love it too :slight_smile:


Some Sort of Drama

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I think luck also☹

Once you get a group of readers, even if small, it gets a lot easier :slight_smile:
It’s honestly the best feeling to update an episode of your story and see the reads go up after you post about it because you then know that you have readers (as opposed to read-for-reads) who actually look forward to your updates (at least that’s how I see it).
Finding readers can be tough at first though.


Um… I have 23 reads on my story. And I published it… When? At the beginning of this year?

i just recently hit 100

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You should put a link to your story or at least the story’s name in your forum bio :slight_smile:
I like to stalk people occasionally look at the bios of frequent posters and sometimes I’ll check out their stories if they interest me. I’m sure I’m not the only one.


That’s smart! How do you do that?

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There’s a place to put your website under preferences -> profile.
But you could add the name of the story somewhere in your bio too.
I know I’ve read some forum user’s stories just by looking their stories up :joy:

Such a stalker.


it’s even more discouraging when I see that the weekly shelves consist of mostly big authors and when I see big authors win contests.

Oh. Seems legit.

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I’ve tried the Instagram thing, that didn’t work. And prefer not to do read for reads either.

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With Instagram, I don’t think it really does much until you start making friends on there or start getting readers who then follow you.
Before I had many reads, nearly all my followers were follow-for-follows. They didn’t care if I updated my stories and my reads wouldn’t go up. Now when I update my stories, I post about them and the read count goes up because some of the people who follow me legitimately follow me for my stories.
That does take time though.
I still think it’s good to have as you can be part of the community and some people may find your story that way.

If you still have Instagram, try reaching out to some groups who do reviews?

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I’ve seen authors that started off small end up on the shelves. And including ones that had published theirs around the same time as mine. It seems that some small authors “make it big” while others don’t

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I wouldn’t even know where to find these groups.

i see a lot of big authors who already have a lot of support on social media get featured. Just look at the editors picks and the shelf that is on currently. About half of it has big authors. This may sound irrational but to me that is discouraging.

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