Venting Room! (All are welcome!)

Hi there! My name is Sabs Duns and this is a brand new room. Have something you need to get off your chest? Do it here! There is no limit to how many people you help out or how many times you rant, just let all out!

You may swear, but keep it kind and not hurtful or directed towards others in the room.

Whatever is said in here stays in here. It would not be fair for someone to have a heart to heart and someone else go spilling their information all over social media. If that happens, you will be blocked and kicked out of the room.

English is recommended, but if someone is fluent in Spanish or any other language, feel free to translate what other people are saying if they are not speaking English.

Just need someone to talk to? Talk to me or someone else! We are here to help!

This is a non judgemental forum. Everyone has the right to express themselves however they see fit. If you are caught blackmailing, catfishing, bullying, or anything along those lines you shall be banned.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind! If something or someone is upsetting you, feel free to write a whole story on why you feel the way you do.

This can also be a positive venting room. Are you thankful for something that someone did for you, or something along that path? Let us know!

That’s all, and thanks for reading. Have fun!


I have controlled myself for too long…but, I’m just gonna say it now –

Biology. :rage:
Sucks. :angry:
Big. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Time. :triumph:

No offense to others who like Biology, by all means :upside_down_face:


Well hello there, and thanks for sharing!
I actually think the only 2 classes that I have that suck are
Math (ugh) and Physical Science (bleh)


People here on episode care too much about grammar

I already run it through a spellchecker and have someone else look my story over. plush I give a warning in the start that I am not English and dyslexia why do they fell a need to mention to me all the damm time. I made it very clear that I know my grammar is not perfect. I put days into making it as perfect as I can but that is apparently still not enough. it’s not like they can’t read the story


i would not say i love math but it was my best subject

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also, this has nothing to do with episode

there is coming a trailer for a new sims game today and people are complaining over it like crazy. they dont even know what it is yet. and every comment is I don’t want it. I rather have a university. some of them are very aggressive complaining about it. like, give it a chance. but nope they write they hate it and it suck without even know what it is

also, I don’t even want university. it was boring in sims 2 and dont work properly in sims 3


Why thanks for sharing! Oh I totally agree about everything you’ve shared so far, except I am one of the people who care about grammar, but not annoying like. If someone spells something wrong I’ll correct them but I won’t be like “OH YOU SPELLED GLOVES WRONG IT’S G-L-O-V-E-S NOT G-L-O-V-E-E-S!!!” I think Social Studies (or World History) is my best subject. Man I’ve loved the sims from thick and thin and I have The Sims 4. I am so looking forward to the new game!!!


same here i am always happy about a new sims game

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insert a message in your story where it says “if ya’ll gonna be picky bastards ‘bout my grammar, piss off” B)


I did consider writing you can complain over my grammar when you speak four languages

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Same! I hate math and chemistry, I don’t even know how I’m passing those classes :joy:

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Oh my god, same. I’ve always been super bad at stuff like that. I am super good at fractions but I can’t do division without a calculator. Like it’s impossible for me. For science, when 8th grade hit I totally lost it and it just didn’t click. I barely passed last year with a D.


as much as i’m not pleased with sims 4 and how ea treats the community like crap by ignoring their demands and thus releasing tons of crap instead of quality content… i agree with you. there’s no need to complain ‘bout something that hasn’t been released yet… unless it’s another useless stuff pack. :tired_face:

you think ea is bad. have you seen what atari is doing.

Right! I also feel that they should have added pets onto the game for free, because I am not paying $20-30 bucks for raising a cat in an animal friendly world. I would love the toddler packs and such but they are seriously expensive! The vampire pack itself when it first came out was around $40. I was super disappointed. The thing that I would like to see in the upcoming sims is actually going to school while you are playing the teens! Like see them work in the classroom and make decisions for them unlike how if you are playing them you have a little popup thing with a situation and like 2 answers, that’s just—ugh. You can do better. Also, please more stylish outfits and child’s accessories.

some people are so stupid. Especially people who complain that everyone knows their business even though they’re posting about it EVERY second of the day. And when people send streaks 1,000,000x a day, like damn Kira I don’t need your whole photo album.

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I can totally relate lol. Streaks get on my nerves because you’ll be excited to open the snapchat and when you see that’s it’s nothing but streaks something inside you dies a little bit for even having a glimpse of hope.

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Oh my god Ikr. My phone is drier than the Sahara desert.

it doesn’t mean that ea has to lower their standards :s