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as much as i’m not pleased with sims 4 and how ea treats the community like crap by ignoring their demands and thus releasing tons of crap instead of quality content… i agree with you. there’s no need to complain ‘bout something that hasn’t been released yet… unless it’s another useless stuff pack. :tired_face:

you think ea is bad. have you seen what atari is doing.

Right! I also feel that they should have added pets onto the game for free, because I am not paying $20-30 bucks for raising a cat in an animal friendly world. I would love the toddler packs and such but they are seriously expensive! The vampire pack itself when it first came out was around $40. I was super disappointed. The thing that I would like to see in the upcoming sims is actually going to school while you are playing the teens! Like see them work in the classroom and make decisions for them unlike how if you are playing them you have a little popup thing with a situation and like 2 answers, that’s just—ugh. You can do better. Also, please more stylish outfits and child’s accessories.

some people are so stupid. Especially people who complain that everyone knows their business even though they’re posting about it EVERY second of the day. And when people send streaks 1,000,000x a day, like damn Kira I don’t need your whole photo album.

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I can totally relate lol. Streaks get on my nerves because you’ll be excited to open the snapchat and when you see that’s it’s nothing but streaks something inside you dies a little bit for even having a glimpse of hope.

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Oh my god Ikr. My phone is drier than the Sahara desert.

it doesn’t mean that ea has to lower their standards :s

Correct, I agree.

i’ll return with an answer after stuffin’ ma belly with some delicious food :smirk:



but there is no reason to let it go out over the once who make the game. they do there best .

also sims vampires did never cost 40 dollers. i gave 150 danish crowns. that is not even 20

its not like sims games have become that much more expensive. the sims 2 base game cost 45 dollers on amazon.

I use playstation, and it’s cheaper if you have playstation plus (which I don’t have). When it first came out it was $30-40. It’s now at $20, but I’m waiting till it’s at 10

have you seen the trailer for the new one.

the incoming fans of every new generation of sims will always have high expectations for the content: they’re leaving a fully-fleshed out game, with myriad experiences and options, for a stripped down base title that has yet to realize its full potential.

none of the expansions seem particularly compelling. in the previous titles, the additional post-release content was a way for sims to play with outrageous themes and ideas that couldn’t, for whatever reason, be included with the base game. but so far, sims has continued to use it as a means to restore features and items that should be part of the vanilla experience. they’re simply just filling in features that should have already been there in the first place.

also, no, i don’t think ea is doing their best to please the fan base, especially not when you compare sims 4 to previous games. the company is increasingly monetizing every last corner of their game and using sometimes manipulative tactics to do so, at least in the interest of ensuring consumers aren’t being squeezed for every last penny. not only is the content coming out at a trickle, it’s been stripped down to sell off piece by piece.

sims 4 has a lot of catching up to do if ea hopes to maintain their momentum with the series. they could start with releasing quality content that provides useful features and challenges in the game. then… then maybe there would be less complaints.

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I haven’t yet, no

rather than adding content for free, i think ea should develop their ideas and expand their expansion- and game packs, which in the long run will make it worth spending money on them. i mean, where does the series even go from here, if not improving upon and reinventing its amazing legacy content?

yeah, the vampire pack is a joke. the expansion supernatural was one of their greatest add-ons ever made, adding several new life states and sim types for the player to enjoy, and how have they followed up? by offering only one of the life states, vampire, in sims - and as its own expansion, at that. i have a feeling fans will not be happy if all the other playable life states -genie, witch, werewolf, mermaid and fairy - do not end up in sims, and even less so if they’re given their own pricey content packs.

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this isn’t episode related or anything but I really hate my older sister so much (lets just call her Jan & she’s 17). She’s honestly such a negative narcissist. She always puts me down about my flaws & Ik it’s a sister thing but she does it too much and it’s not even like she’s joking… She constantly calls me ugly (everyday if i must add) and it can get to the point where she tells me to kill myself because of “how ugly i am” I hate even going down the stairs to simply grab a snack or something when she’s down there. It’s like everytime she sees me she calls me ugly and points out other flaws. And it’s not even like she does it to my other sisters, it’s just me. Even when she does tell my sisters they’re ugly it’s always joking and she never goes far as to telling them to kill their selves. She doesn’t realize how much it actually fucking hurts, nor would she care. I portray myself as the sister who doesn’t care about what she says, like it doesn’t hurt, but it does. (great now i’m starting to tear up)

Like this one time at a family reunion my whole family was sitting at the table and Jan, out of no where goes “Jamie is seriously so ugly like she’s literally the ugliest one in this family” And no one stuck up for me besides my uncle because they all thought she was joking. My uncle realized and he went up to me and tried talking to me about it (and yes i was embarrassed) he’s like “does she always do that?” and then he’s like “really? cuz i think she’s the prettiest in your family” i appreciate him helping me but he was prolly lying just to defend me and that embarrassed me even more.

She’s made me so badly insecure that I literally failed gym with a 54 because I’m too insecure to even run because “i’m too skinny” or because “i’m ugly to the point where i should kms” She’s made me so badly insecure that I dropped all my sports because I can’t even imagine having people watch me from the bleachers play basketball, or soccer, or softball. (Not to brag but I was a good athlete & some people were disappointed in me when they found out I stopped doing sports & i’m a freshman) I get so badly paranoid that everyone’s thinking like “ew that girl on the court with the blonde hair is so ugly” (which they prolly would -_-) I’m so badly insecure that I don’t even like going up to grab a paper in class because I feel so fucking ugly and pathetic. On thanksgiving I ate in my room instead of eating at the table because Jan would most likely put me down once again, right in front of my family, and I would have to sit there and act like what she says doesn’t bother me at all.

I cry everyday. I literally cried FOUR times yesterday. I became so badly depressed where I hate doing normal daily activities. I’ll literally starve myself in my room if that means I don’t have to go down the stairs to get something to eat if Jan is down there. She honestly just makes me so unhappy. I hate having to wait outside for the bus with her, I hate being in the same class as her in school, I hate having to do family things when she’s there.) And I’m not even exaggerating, with every chance she sees me she calls me ugly, EVERYDAY & sometimes she’ll say it so loud or just yell it in my face. And what makes everything worse is that I have a twin and Jan always tells everyone how I’m the ugly twin and shit.

I always think,
“why is life even worth living if I have to be ugly forever?”
“there’s literally no point in living if I hate even being myself.”
“I can’t even get up to grab a paper in school there’s no way I’ll ever succeed in life.”
ect, ect, ect.

This has been on going for at least half a year. You’d think I’d be used to it by now but it hasn’t done anything but make me feel worse about myself. People can tell me “i’m not ugly” and all that stuff all they want but it never changes the way I think, idk why?

I’m scared because I’ve been having suicidal thoughts lately and it’s something I NEVER thought in a million years I would have. I cry even just thinking about it because I want to do it so bad but I can’t leave my mom and my other sisters like that. I’ll sit in bed and just cry and go over what I would say in my goodbye video or letter but it would fuck up my mom & sisters and I could never do something like that to them. In my goodbye video or letter I would tell Jan when it’s her part how badly she fucked up my life just by pointing out my flaws and that I didn’t kill myself, she killed me.

I can’t get help from my family because trust me, they won’t understand… They’d say I’m being a baby & shit. I need to “grow up & suck it up.” They don’t take me seriously. And I’ll never show them how bad it hurts me because it makes me look weak and I can’t let Jan win like that (like killing myself wouldn’t already make me look weaker than ever, but at least I could tell everyone my final thoughts in a goodbye vid/letter.) It’s sad that I can’t even get help or let anyone hear my thoughts in my family without having to kill myself. & no i can’t get a therapist because just no. My parents would never take me & going to a therapist wouldn’t help… trust me.

Idk I just had to get this off my chest because Jan was being really mean yesterday telling me to kms and I have no one to talk to because I’ve been ignoring everyone lately for days because I don’t even have the energy to talk to anyone. My phones been sitting on airplane mode for days & the only time i turn it off is to send streaks on snapchat and go on my episode fan page to see new stuff. I know I shouldn’t deal with depression by isolating myself but I get so annoyed talking to people & trying to act happy when it’s literally not like that at all. I’d rather just keep to myself & work on my episode story instead.

I can’t promise I wont kms tbh but i’m 99% sure I won’t because I can’t. I’m too scared & I’m not leaving my mom. Never. So I doubt i’d ever go through with it so no I’m not insane even tho I sound it.

I’m sorry this is so long but I’d rather come on here to talk about it (not my first time) than to talk about it to my only friend who Ik gets annoyed when I constantly bring up how my sister called me ugly & i’d rather not act all happy and shit when I text her because I don’t have energy for it anymore & my other friend in rl gets all mad when I ignore her but yet if I tried to talk to her about how & why I want to isolate myself from txting ppl she’ll think I’m being over dramatic bcuz i act somewhat happy in school. (WHICH IM DEF NOT 100000%) & she gets sick of listening to it & bcuz she just lowkey doesn’t give a fuck in general (but yet i’m ALWAYS there for her when she needs me, even over the dumbest shit)

That’s the thing too, I’m always there for my friends & other people. Some people will dm me on instagram needing someone to talk to and I’m always there for them and I truly do care about their well being. I want other ppl to be happy bcuz I know how it feels to feel so shitty. I give them paragraphs of advice, when I should be following my own advice, but I don’t care about myself like that anymore. I mean, I even make sure to say in my bio “my dms are always open if u need me <3” because i want to be there for people. If I see someone crying on their story, i dm them. & I think that’s my only good quality is caring for others… but that’s it.

This is kinda deep & dark but I appreciate whoever took the time to read this worthless book, I really do love you & tysm. I could go hours talking about how I hate myself lmao :frowning_face:


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No problem! That’s a really good rant, and thanks for sharing! Glad you got that off your chest. HMU if you need anything.

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