Version 24.20 Update

Hi All!

We’re planning to release Version 24.20 of Episode pretty soon!

Below are a few key things to know about this release:

  • Further backend changes to Book Clubs and chat to make the experience even better!
  • Updating Offerwall’s offerings
  • Book Clubs will now have a default challenge story in case your group doesn’t get a chance to pick a story since we know sometimes life can get in the way. We’ll be doing a slow rollout similar to what we have with other features to ensure that it’s working as we intend!
  • Made improvements and tweaks to the home screen, including a new type of shelf. We want to make finding your next favorite Episode story easier!
  • Added some new backend tech that will allow further cosmetic customization in the future

As always, please let us know when this releases if you’re having issues by making sure to provide as much info in your posts or to our support team!


Hey @Tory
Is it ok to still not have this design in the app even with the newest possible update now?


The Episode Team put out a questionaire on googledocs [not too long ago]… asking for our opinion in regards to the possible addition of Make Up for our characters.
So I’m really excited about that… if that’s what is meant by this part. :point_down:t3: :blush:


I’m unsure what you’re specifically asking. Could you give me some more info?

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Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the post, but you mentioned some time ago about the “new design” in the app where we can see how long we have been in the community, how many stories we have read, etc.

Oh, I found the thread:

I still don’t have it even if my phone has the newest possible update.

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Ah! That’s actually b/c it’s still in the process of slowly rolling out. We had found some bugs that we wanted to address before rolling out to the larger population.

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Ohh, I understand.
I was just getting a bit worried as my friends have it, so yeah. :sweat_smile:
Thank you for clarification!


Idk what will happen in this NEW 24.20 version but i want this story progress repeat issue disappear from my episode app whenever i try to clear the data of this app my whole story progress got reset again and again since I updated my episode app into 24.12 version, the chapters that I’ve read to the stories so far are getting repeated. My gems and passes are repeating, i hope this slow new update will solve the issue in my episode app and I’ve asked for help so many times from this @Tory girl but she’s not responding to me at all, idk who and how could someone make her an administrator that won’t even help someone who is asking for help to solve their problems in the game, i did send a ticket to the episode app but they’ve not solve the issue yet i mean they’re developers to this game so they should know what’s happening in their game and if an issue is going on they should solve it quickly

Yeah I haven’t got it either, so you’re not the only one :+1:t2:


Some issues take time to resolve, I had an issue in July 2022 when I couldn’t get onto my account on the app and took weeks for it to be resolved, it’s frustrating but they can’t resolve every issue that quick, it depends on what is happening and if it’s an easy fix or not…

Yey :smiley:

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As you already updated your episode app you must know that since this 24.12 version came on this game, my episode app isn’t responding properly i understand it take some time to solve a issue but it’s been weeks now to complain about this story progress issue and some of the administrator to this forum like tory don’t even BOTHER to pay attention or even trying to help the others i ask for help from this girl so many times but she’s SO damn busy that can’t even reply to my messages

Tory isn’t tech support, she’s likely to only say to send a support ticket explaining what is happening etc, I get it’s frustrating, it’s frustrating for me to since I still can’t get onto my bookclub just stays on the loading screen since the update, this update may be the fix for the issues we’re both having…

Hopefully this NEW 24.20 version will be good, cause I’m getting tired to see so many issues in this game and you’re right MAYBE this new version will fix these issues in the game has been going on, we’ll see and i hope this new update will get release to all the devices at once, not like “first it will be publish to SOME of the devices only” like this slow 24.12 version release to some of the devices before then to all the devices bulls**t

Issues can take time to resolve. The best you can do is send a ticket and wait. I understand that its frustrating. As for the releasing to some devices first, then others- this is a common practice called beta testing. Imagine releasing a bunch of new features to everyone and then they don’t work. It would be a nightmare solving that. If you release the features to a small group only, it is easier to take care of. Plus, the company can go back and check and see what is working or not.


Yes, we just have to be patient and let them work on the issues, I couldn’t sign into my account for weeks through July they updated the app twice the first update didn’t fix the issue but the 2nd did and I could finally sign in etc, now the issue with book club on the loading screen it is frustrating but I know they’re working on it so I’m being patient… I know they’re figuring it out…

Alright, thank you for the clarification

Ooh same lmao :joy: I was wondering why I didn’t have it either :sob:


At least I’m not the only one! :sweat_smile:

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My app updated to 24.22 yesterday and bookclub still having issues loading