Verve's overlay thread/shop (Discontinued due to inactivity)

This thread is inspired by another thread, more about that later!

Edit: Yes, you may use ANY overlays you find on this thread! I’ll make a drive too!

To reduce topics like “Can somebode make me a … overlay”, “Can somebody help me and find overlays?” or “Hey, I’m in need of a lot of overlays!” I created this one. Other topics get the chance to be viewed and you’ll 100% find/get what you’re looking for. (examples are provided later on)

As I mentioned earlier, you’ll find overlays that you’re looking for!

:leaves: You name it - I find or make it! Request any type of overlays <3
:leaves: When I get a request, I try finding an overlay that’s free for use on certain websites.
:leaves: If I don’t find the thing you need, I’m making it on my own. But the chance for that to happen is 20%
:leaves: I’m also making limb overlays (NOT cutstom poses) or cutting something (eg. a chair)off a bg.
:leaves: Text Overlays are exluded → you can request them here

:leaves: Be respectful and kind! All requests from respectful people will be accepted
:leaves: Request your overlays HERE. Not via DM and not via PM! Your message will get lost in my whack laptop/phone
:leaves: If I make the overlays on my own - Don’t forget to credit and follow me (@/epi.verve - If u have insta)
:leaves: If I find the overlays online - Crediting in form of “Thank you @/epi.verve for finding me some overlays I used” is highly appreciated ;)) (as I spend my free time on this <3)
:leaves: Fill out this tiny form:

  • What kind of overlay/s do you need? (capming lamp/tents/office desk/wine bottle/limb…):

  • If a limb overlay - What’s the art style/skin tone/body size if LL/outfit of the char? (write N/A if you don’t need a limb ol):

  • If you need something to be cut out of a BG - Desribe what part you need and send me the BG (write N/A if you don’t need this kind of ol):

  • Extra descriptions here (comic or realistic style/… - Write N/A if you don’t want to write anything):

:leaves: Threadhopping
:leaves: Bullying/harassing anyone here
:leaves: Sharing without crediting me by my @! (<- crediting as @/epi.verve - Not valid. Use @epi.verve)
:leaves: Claiming my/others overlays as your own. None of these overlays are yours (there is a small chance that they are if you uploaded them on free-picture websites)

Bet that you scrolled down here, only to see the examples? I gotchu
Feel free to use them (with giving proper credit when required (or appreciated)

Overlays I found (30)

Credit for these is very much appreciated, since I spend my free time brwosing the web!







Overlays I cut out and edited by myself (11)

Credit for these is 100% required (especially for the camo bus, I spent a lot of time doing it)

Limbs I drew/made by myself (1)

Crediting plus following me is 100% required :)) I only have this most recent example since my ibis deleted everything else.

If using in a story:Credit to @/epi.verve for finding/making some overlays in this story” (or smth similar)

If using in any type of edit/detail/card/else: “Credit to @/epi.verve for finding/making some overlays I used” (or something similar)


Happy requesting! :leaves: :two_hearts:
And feel free to share this thread in topics like "In need of a … overlay!)

People I helped so far <3

@/Aish_epiwrites (on another thread)


Hii! I need a few Overlays for my 2 mini games. Can you help me out?

What I require
  1. A Lock and key pair and a bunch of 3-4 keys OL for lock and key mini game
  2. A phone screen overlay looking like phone notepad which shows a code: 4236-5817
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I’ll send you the overlays as soon as I have them! (most likely today:))

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Okay :smiley:

@Seep_Mukta here’s what I have:




Matching keys for this one:



I think I understood this correctly? If not, correct me please :two_hearts:

Let me know if it doesn’t fit your imagination :))


I’m not requesting anything but your examples are AMAZING!! :two_hearts:

I may request in the future though :sparkles:


These are Amazing!!! Thank you so much! Will use them with full credits given :heart:

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Thank you, most of these are found in the internet tho :joy::two_hearts:

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I’m glad that they’re alright! <3

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Hey @epi.verve

All the best for you brand new shop!! :heart: :clapping:
I’m a ton happy that you have inspired from me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:

I wish you to get a huge success in this shop! :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

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hey can i request a few limb overlays? i don’t really have any specific ones i just might need some in the future

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Hey. Thank you SOOOOOOO much for doing this I didn’t wanna make a thread because Im lazy asf :woozy_face:

anyway I need some ols
basically can you cut the window in this bg for me? :pleading_face:

The BG

I’ll literally credit you in very episode :sob:
If you can’t do it it’s fine :pleading_face:

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Yup feel free to request some :))

Heyy and ty for requesting <3 I’ll send you the ol soon!

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Here ya go, lmk if you had something else in mind @andee.epsd

One of the following 2 ol‘s has window glas

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No these are perfect thank you :pleading_face:
Imma use the little window thingy thing
and the 1st 2 backgrounds

your a freaking life saver :sob:


Glad that I could help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Heyyy I would love if you could make me an overlay!

What kind of overlay/s do you need? A bar table kind of thing
If a limb overlay - What’s the art style/skin tone/body size if LL/outfit of the char? NA
If you need something to be cut out of a BG - Describe what part you need and send me the BG (write N/A if you don’t need this kind of ol) :


I need the bar table and chair to be cut out please (on the far right)


Thanks for tapping on the link we sent you :)) I’ll start doing it now!


@ItzLayla Here you go!

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