Verve's overlay thread/shop (Discontinued due to inactivity)

Oh it will do thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::slight_smile:

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Can I request another overlay when you have time for it, together with ones I requested before? I am in desperate need of futurstic cars overlays :sweat_smile: Only when you have time for it ofc! :blush:

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Will do! I’ll try to send everything by today

Heyyy umm I kinda need another overlay if you don’t mind :sweat_smile:

  • **What kind of overlay/s do you need? A white blanket
  • **If a limb overlay - What’s the art style/skin tone/body size if LL/outfit of the char? NA
  • **If you need something to be cut out of a BG: NA
  • **Extra descriptions here: A creased blanket thats white (if that makes sense)
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Hey, thank you for this shop. I need FEW limb overlays if that’s possible
Style: Limelight
Gender: Male
Skin shades-
First- Gold 03 (left and right arm)
Second- Neutral 05 (punchfist as if trying to shut someone’s mouth and right and left arm as well)
I don’t know if I made any sense though. Thank you in advance for this

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any progress on the overlays?

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@NancyM I’ll try to send it by this week… Thank you for requesting!

@Some_kid tbh u have every right to be mad at me :joy: I haven’t touched overlays since forever because my school started. Made me realise that it’s unfair towards ya’ll- I’ll try to send it by tomorrow… no promises but I WILL continue working on it~

As for every other request: I’ll put @Some_kid s request first, and then send everything else soon

I just want to finish this haha, don’t worry guys, you’ll get everything <3 Even tho you might not need it anymore?


how’s it going on the overlays?

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Limb overlay, details are all in this thread:

I’ll pm you now.

Hey @epi.verve
I hope you are doing well
Are those overlays done which I sent in pm that day!?

Girl your credits are gonna be all over my story cause these are amazing lmao

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Welp. Long time no see, right?

I haven’t been active on the forums for 2 months now. This has many reasons

  • I spent to much time on episode (requests, forums, my story). I’ve been ignoring “real” life

  • My school started in september, and I was way to busy- I started being active on the forums in quarantine when I ACTUALLY had the time lol :joy:

  • With corona cases increasing in austria, we have been put under a second lockdown. I have online classes now (every day starting at 7 am and ending at 4 pm)

  • I’ve been struggling with my mental health- this year was and is a hard one.

And I can’t express on how SORRY I am. All my requests are sadly cancelled because I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep.

I know that this isn’t fair towards any of you. And I am really sorry. I’m not trying to be dramatic- If anyone requested from me: You may/should request from an other group, an other member (it won’t be counted as thread hopping)


This year has been horrible so far. Don’t be mad at forum members, if they weren’t able to complete your requests for free. We are all human

COPIED FROM MY POST in the art shop


Girl people like you are amazing. Don’t worry about finishing all the requests, the fact that you’re doing all this for free is so sweet.

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i’m sorry if this sounds dumb but how do you do the summary thing

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What summary thing do you mean? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Its nvm :grinning:

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Hello, I hope I am not bothering or something but I would like to ask you for a cover for my story if it is possible for you, if you are still offering in 2021… <3 . Have a nice day. Looking forward <3

Hey, hun, Welcome to the Forums! :partying_face: And I’d just like to point out that this shop is closed, as it says in the title :sweat_smile: