Verve's overlay thread/shop (Discontinued due to inactivity)

Tyyy how should I credit you? Xx


Assumig that you’re using it in a story: A tiny reader message thats says “Credit for the bar overlay to @/epi.verve” should be fine! x


Hi, I would like to request an overlay


This is the link to all the details:
Can someone make me this car overlay?

I would love to have it as soon as possible, but I understand that these things take time. Thank you! :blush:

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I’ll try to make it today (I’ll probably have to redraw it :thinking:)
If I don’t make it until today, then you’ll get it tomorrow! I hope that that’s alright :))

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You take as much time as you need!! Thank you so much! :blush:


The background
I need an overlay of:
-The vases

each row of chairs
the arch
the altar


Kk thanks I’ll finish it within 2 days since this are A LOT of chairs <3

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Hi! So I’m in need of a few overlays…

  1. Food splatter overlays, a couple different colors and types of food lol
  2. A soda can
  3. A vending machine
    Thanks you!!
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Thank you for requesting, I’ll send you everything soon!

hey! i’m looking for a bar overlay.
this is the background:
it’s from the bartender’s perspective btw.


Sorry for the late reply- I’ll send you the overlay tomorrow or today!


hey. I’m so sorry to borther you
but the overlays are to big.

Can you compress the file or know a website where I could do it myself?

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@Mia_writes The car overlay was a lil challenge haha:

The car is almost completely drawn, the seats and wheel are from a free-to-use website :)) Feel free to tell me if you want the seats in black/any other colour! Also lmk if it needs any changes, I still have all the layers open :))

How it looks:

Separate overlays for coding:

Last layer

Top layer ~red car layer~

Layer under the red car/glass/wheel layer ~seat layer~

Layer directly under the top layer ~glass layer~

Layer directly under the glass layer ~wheel layer~


Oops sorry about that! I’ll compress it now

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@andee.epsd it should work now.

If you need to compress any other images/pngs I recommend you this website. Sorry again!

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thanks so much! :heart:

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One more request
I’m sorry :see_no_evil:

could I get an overlay of the burned stuff?

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Don’t be sorry :joy: That’s what this shop is for
And I’ll send you the overlay today or tomorrow :))

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thank you! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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@Firefly12 Here you go! Let me know if you need more :thinking:
Also I kinda saw that you need the splatter overlays for a messy baking scene, so I searched for baking-ones first :))

Soda can

Vending machine

Splatters and stuff like that

kindpng_78876 kindpng_73818