Very New and Need Reviews!

Hello Everyone!!

I’m a new writer and would love some feed back on my first story. :two_hearts:

Title : Fantastical: Tale Of The Ocean :shell::hibiscus::palm_tree:
Author: Tiffany Lucero
Number of Episodes :3
Gene : Fantasy Style : Limelight

This is my first contest entry and my very first story ever!! Would love to make it better after the contest and would like to know how. I’m not really worried about reads or winning the contest, I just really want good feed back to become a better writer.

Episode 4 is almost ready and the story will be complete.

I also read all the time so let me know about your stories and I will check them out too!! :grin:

Thank you so very much for your feed back

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Episode 4 should be finished and published by this weekend