Very touching! just wow ❤



wow just wow, this touched my heart :heart: #YOU MUST SEE IT! :heart_eyes::cry:

Please comment if you have a nice thing to say! :heart_decoration:




Hi. No offense, I support your religion but I don’t think the forums is the right place for this because this video could’ve been triggering for some people. It’s super triggering for me honestly and I’m actually barely able to breathe right now.

That is my opinion on this video




That’s a real nice video thank you for sharing. So true as well I believe this but it’s really beautiful, and like speaks to me on a deep level. Thanks girl!


I thought it was dropping plates :joy: like I thought it was supposed to be a joke and you’d have to watch a video of plates being dropped… guess I was wrong.


Ur wlcome :blush::heart:


Keep being you hon you rock.


Thanks :heart:

It means a lot :pray:


No I watched it, it was pretty inspirational!


Thank u :blush::heart_decoration:


:neutral_face: it did offend me


Yes exactly. Like that’s why it offended me. Because me being gay is considered a sin and I don’t appreciate being told that someone will die because I am gay or that I should die because I am gay


It’s not hate, I don’t hate it. I just want to say it really offended me and made me upset


Why don’t we all settle down… Arguing about this isn’t going to make anything better. I don’t really know what to say ab this as I do believe people are entitled to their opinions, but I’m not sure if this IS a good place to preach your opinion about religions.

Maybe you should put like a trigger warning before you show the video so people who don’t want to watch it won’t watch it… and people who do want to watch it can watch it. So it isn’t on you if they do get offended.


I agree


Well if they do get offended by a believe

they can always pm or ignore


True, true, I was just implying that if she puts a warning and someone does get offended then that’s their fault since they decided to watch it anyway.


aww I liked it so much! It’s so sweet!


If I believe in Jesus I’ll be immortal :joy: ???
Just kidding, my religion believes in god and that, but I can’t find peace by putting my faith in something like that. I’ve tried before. The video was very touching don’t get me wrong.


Touched my heart!
(the VIDEO)


I have nothing to do with this but I’m just going to say it.

Woah. Let’s calm down, leave, and just forget this fight happened! Good? Good.

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