VGHs Promotion: Read 4 Read!

Hey! So I’ve released my first ever story: Video Game Heroes! Of course to captivate some of you, I’ll happily do a read for a read! Just send a screenshot (or tell me in a private message a scene from Episode 2 or above) for proof please.

Author : Chinwe
Story: Video Game Heroes
Chapters : 3 so far
Description : Pixels, bytes and a psychotic villain: it’s just your average day in the digital world! Sucked into a virtual realm, you and your friends have to stay sharp to survive.

I’m doing first come first serve and if you guys want me to, I can do a Review topic for feedback and recommendation to users looking for stories too! :sparkling_heart:


I would love to read your story :slight_smile:

My story:

Title: Unknown Past
Episodes: 10 (You can read 3)
Review: Go ahead!
Konan knows nothing about her past, will Katana be the one to help find her true identity or will the Demon King be able to control the world just in time? (LGBT+)


I love love love the story a lot! The spot directing is excellent and the plot is so amazing and unique!! I really can’t wait to read more!

By the way, I suggest you get splashes and episode titles for your story to attract readers. You can request one in my thread if you’d like one!

Me every night when I forget to do my homework.

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Ooooo YES! Just the cover and description already has me sold! I can’t wait to start yours! Oh my gkdgnf!

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Ooo! Please share the link! I would love that! And thank you so much! :sparkling_heart:

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:joy: sammmmeee

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Hi @Chinchilla, I would love to r4r! I’ll post screenshots as proof. Also, @Sayanjali_Rizvi, would like to do a r4r as well?

This is my story:


Title: Loving You Again

Author: Fluffy Rice

Style: Limelight

Chapters: 7 (Ongoing)

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Description: Childhood friends reunited after 10 years. Sierra & Peter reunite after an unexpected meeting. How can they mend their friendship to account for the missing years they were apart?

This story is based on a true story, my life actually.

Instagram: @fluffyrice.episode




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No problem! I’ll send screenshots too! It looks interesting!

Tbh it sounds almost like my life rn. But 7 years instead.

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Hey @Sayanjali_Rizvi!

YOUR STORY IS AMAZING LIKE I REALLY LOVE IT! When I go through a couple of the other writers stories I’ll add it to the review topic! Your idea is SO ORIGINAL and fresh! I love the distinguished personalities and how Konan and Ray fight a lot! And the jokes! I’ve been cackling all night! ITS ON MY FAVORITES SO IM WAITING FOR MORE CHAPTERSSSSS. Lol, I’m on Episode 5 though since my passes ran out.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! You made me smile a lot!! Your story is so unique too!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Thanks! And no problem! I’m just speaking the truth. :sunglasses: And that spot directing be on point too.

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Name: The Ember Moon Pack


Being a werewolf is not easy. Especially when you have 3 hot hybrids following your every move.


Customizable Characters, 5 Endings, Choices Matter

Chapters: technically 7 bc ch 1 is customization

Genre: Fantasy/romance/horror

Style: Limelight


Instagram: gisellepisode :smile:


Want updates on this story? Here’s the update thread!

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Hello, we could do a read for read if you want ? :slight_smile:

But first: For a guaranteed feedback fill in the form

Link below :

Here is the description of my story :

Title : Paradise
Author : Maggy

Genre : Fantasy
Style : Limelight
Number of episodes : 10 (more episodes coming soon)
Instagram : maggy.episode

Description : A young adult called Fidelia is about to become a Goddess, she has to follow the prophecy. Fidelia is strong and independent, fun, and a crazy party girl. Will she accept her faith?
Link :


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No problem! You and @Maggy will be added to my wait list! :slight_smile:

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You too!

Please take know that currently from this thread and personal messages the wait list is a tad long and some stories crash on my current device. I’m also preparing for my first day of college on Monday.

I’m buying another device tomorrow, so hopefully I will get through all the current stories by Friday :sparkling_heart:

Hey @fluffyrice!
Loving You Again was AMAZING. I LOVED IT. Your story (as well as Unknown Past) have to be THE epitomes of limelight stories! The ideas are original and have their own twist in comedy! Spectacular! I love how you also pop up in the beginning :joy: .

(And I can relate to the high school system, I went to West Africa for a little bit of high school and it’s exactly the same!)

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