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I love love love the story a lot! The spot directing is excellent and the plot is so amazing and unique!! I really can’t wait to read more!

By the way, I suggest you get splashes and episode titles for your story to attract readers. You can request one in my thread if you’d like one!

Me every night when I forget to do my homework.

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Ooooo YES! Just the cover and description already has me sold! I can’t wait to start yours! Oh my gkdgnf!

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Ooo! Please share the link! I would love that! And thank you so much! :sparkling_heart:

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:joy: sammmmeee

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Hi @Chinchilla, I would love to r4r! I’ll post screenshots as proof. Also, @Sayanjali_Rizvi, would like to do a r4r as well?

This is my story:


Title: Loving You Again

Author: Fluffy Rice

Style: Limelight

Chapters: 7 (Ongoing)

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Description: Childhood friends reunited after 10 years. Sierra & Peter reunite after an unexpected meeting. How can they mend their friendship to account for the missing years they were apart?

This story is based on a true story, my life actually.

Instagram: @fluffyrice.episode




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No problem! I’ll send screenshots too! It looks interesting!

Tbh it sounds almost like my life rn. But 7 years instead.

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Hey @Sayanjali_Rizvi!

YOUR STORY IS AMAZING LIKE I REALLY LOVE IT! When I go through a couple of the other writers stories I’ll add it to the review topic! Your idea is SO ORIGINAL and fresh! I love the distinguished personalities and how Konan and Ray fight a lot! And the jokes! I’ve been cackling all night! ITS ON MY FAVORITES SO IM WAITING FOR MORE CHAPTERSSSSS. Lol, I’m on Episode 5 though since my passes ran out.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! You made me smile a lot!! Your story is so unique too!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Thanks! And no problem! I’m just speaking the truth. :sunglasses: And that spot directing be on point too.

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Name: The Ember Moon Pack


Being a werewolf is not easy. Especially when you have 3 hot hybrids following your every move.


Customizable Characters, 5 Endings, Choices Matter

Chapters: technically 7 bc ch 1 is customization

Genre: Fantasy/romance/horror

Style: Limelight


Instagram: gisellepisode :smile:


Want updates on this story? Here’s the update thread!

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Hello, we could do a read for read if you want ? :slight_smile:

But first: For a guaranteed feedback fill in the form

Link below :

Here is the description of my story :

Title : Paradise
Author : Maggy

Genre : Fantasy
Style : Limelight
Number of episodes : 10 (more episodes coming soon)
Instagram : maggy.episode

Description : A young adult called Fidelia is about to become a Goddess, she has to follow the prophecy. Fidelia is strong and independent, fun, and a crazy party girl. Will she accept her faith?
Link :


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No problem! You and @Maggy will be added to my wait list! :slight_smile:

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You too!

Please take know that currently from this thread and personal messages the wait list is a tad long and some stories crash on my current device. I’m also preparing for my first day of college on Monday.

I’m buying another device tomorrow, so hopefully I will get through all the current stories by Friday :sparkling_heart:

Hey @fluffyrice!
Loving You Again was AMAZING. I LOVED IT. Your story (as well as Unknown Past) have to be THE epitomes of limelight stories! The ideas are original and have their own twist in comedy! Spectacular! I love how you also pop up in the beginning :joy: .

(And I can relate to the high school system, I went to West Africa for a little bit of high school and it’s exactly the same!)

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Unknown Past is awesome, haha!

I’m so happy knowing that you enjoyed it!! I’m currently writing Episode 8 right now. I think I got your fanmail! Idk if it’s you though But thank you for taking the time to read my story :smiley:


I’ll read your story and give you my thoughts :slight_smile:

Living a Dream Revamped - by Mystique
Fantasy / Comedy / Romance :heart_eyes:
Character Customization

Mila transforms into a Magical Being of pure beauty & power! Will she finally live the life she’s always dreamed of and fulfill her destiny, or admit defeat?

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