Victorian dresses

Hi episode team! I would just like to suggest to create more victorian/medieval styled dresses and clothes. I think we’ve had enough modern/stylish clothes. Would be better if you could add some victorian/medieval clothes and dresses, ballgowns, and some raggedy clothes too for poor people (both for male, female and plus size). As a fan of old english stories, I highly suggest that you create some more old dresses/clothes. Would be nice if you could add some new hairstyles that could suit the victorian era, mostly hairs tied up so high into a bun with lots of pins/ribbon/flowery decorations. Would be nice if you could also add a knight costume for the females, and plus size too.

Hoping for the day that a new batch victorian dresses will be released! Merry christmas and a happy new year everyone <3


Yes! That would be awesome to have.

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