Victorian Era Drama - What do you think?


Hey everyone !

I have been working on my story for maybe a couple of months now and I would love to know what you think about the whole concept, a.k.a. if it picks at your curiosity, if there are certain things that you would look for in such a story etc…

First of all, this story is set in the Victorian Era, which means that public opinion and reputation play an important part in your success in life. I think most of you can guess it, but back then, certain behaviours that would seem completely normal were the synonym for social death, like a young lady of the upper class being alone with a gentleman. In this story, this will be extremely relevant because the MC is part of the aristocracy.

There are basically three fields to this story:

  • Forbidden romance: The MC finds herself falling in love with one of the Queen’s servants, which is absolute dishonour to her family.
  • Family drama and reputation: A few things here – her family has a terrible reputation because her parents have chosen to raise two illegitimate children as equals. Bastardy was extremely frowned upon back then. Now what the MC wants to do is regain her family’s honour, as she is tired of seeing her loved ones get hurt. Plus, the people close to her have quite a few potentially destructive secrets to hide, which she finds out about and has to keep in order to protect her parents and siblings.
  • The fact that your life may be in danger: several unresolved murders also indicate that she might be in danger. Of course, since we’re in the Victorian Era, she’s not going to pick up a gun and go after the killer in warrior-mode, but the MC’s curious and protective nature will push her to investigate.

The MC and the love interest are customisable, and while you will of course decide some of the MC’s reactions and action, one thing that is really important to her is to keep her loved ones safe. This is what she bases all her actions on. As for the servant, he behaves as any servant would at that time (a.k.a. obedience, politeness etc.) but you will discover each other for who you are as people, beyond your social classes :slight_smile:

I really am IN LOVE with rich plots and I want this story to be more than a simple romance, even though the romance will of course have a big part. For example, the family drama will be very important to the MC as well, and the murders will direct a lot of events.

I am also going to (try to) give it a gothic feel, with some slightly dark themes etc, while still keeping it light enough and a little funny. Basically, the characters will be witty and humorous but the context and the world around them rather dark.

So, do you guys have any tips or comments to make ? I am open to any kind of criticism. This may be my first episode story but I do write a lot of creative writing stuff in my free time, so I do have a relatively-good writer experience. But I would love to hear what you have to say!


Sounds so cool! You’ll have to keep me posted!!!


Thanks ! :relaxed: I’ll update here when I release the first few episodes :grin: