Victorian/The Past Backgrounds

Does anyone know if Episode is currently working on new backgrounds? I’m not well-versed with the forums and JUST found out how to create a post :joy:
Anyways, I would suggest making more Victorian/1800s backgrounds. We have so many backgrounds for the present, but I would really love to see more backgrounds that we can associate with the 1700s to the late 1900s. More pirate & explorer backgrounds, props, and animations would be cool too!


Welcome to community @Jerika_G and yes the Episode community do update background and more stuff that is new on thursday so that be tomorrow every thursday new update and they working on more stuff so give them time


@Kande10 is right!
But you can do custom backgrounds uploaded to ur account if you want the background now.


Thank you, Kande. I’ve been a reader/writer since 2016 and didn’t even know that! Crazy :joy: :joy:

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I know, it’s just super hard finding something that fits my ideas, you know? :sweat:


:sob: well there new update for background and clothes

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