Victoria's Story Reviews!


Hi! I’d love a review :slight_smile: here’s some info on my story x

TITLE - Ephemera
GENRE - Adventure
DESCRIPTION - Everyone has the date they’re going to die stamped on to their wrist. Follow Margo as her life truly begins, on the day she’s supposed to be dead.
INSTAGRAM - @epy.kyrie



Hello everyone! I am closing this thread because now I am going to school and will be busy writing my upcoming story! If you have a pending request, I WILL STILL DO IT!!! I have also messaged you personally as to when it’ll be done! If you are seeing this and wanted a review, you can go on Instagram and request a review from me by filling out the link through my bio and the form is called “Story Review Request Form”! My Instagram is @storiesbytorie! Thanks and have a great day :slight_smile:


@Jeremy or @Sydney_H can you please close this thread???