Video edit contest

Hey guys! It’s madhu here. Title says it all. Who’s up for an video edit contest?! If u have an IG, Follow all the rules. if u do not, U can still send me a comment that u r joining and email your entry to

A contest to appreciate all the awesome video editors out here

  • this contest is in IG too. Follow me at @epi.madhubhgd if u want to.




IN forums

  • Not much rules. but make sure to read all the 8 chapters from my story to do the edit.
  • Do the edit in your own style.
  • tag one of your frnds to join.

Prizes and results:

  • In forums(PRIZES)
  • will be featured as a main character in my story.
  • A seperate thread to promote all types of arts you made.
  • If any contest arises, you can just dm. 1 VOTE from me. I will suggest it to my frnds too.

Story and Link:


That’s all. Hope you guys enjoy doing it! Comment the persons who would love to enter this. If u r joining, Pls comment below.

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