Video edits/ App suggestions?


I was wondering if anyone would be willing to do a video edit for me, of my story characters and if anyone also had any apps to suggest to me for paint and for me to use for video editing. (: thank youuu xo


I heard that a lot of people use Ibis Paint X and PicsArt


Thank you sm :heartbeat::heartbeat:


I could do a video edit for you.


Yes yes !! I’d love that! (:


Do you have an Instagram?


for art, procreate is amazing but it’s paid unfortunately :’)) as others have mentioned, Ibis Paint X is also great, though! videostar and cutecut are good (relatively cheap) phone apps for video editing, but Adobe After Effects is popular among video editors I believe :grin:


Yes I do! It’s victxriaa.episode


OOOF! Thank youuuu! :heartbeat: