Video edits! Episode video edits!


Does anymore from here make video edits from episode stories ?
Please comment!

Thank you🤗


I do :blush:


Would you like to do a videa edit for my story ? Of course if you like my story😊


Which story? :blush: and do you have a insta its fine if not but I cant send videos here :sweat_smile:


My Instagram is @sigma.writes
And my story named : Search for love by S.writes :crown:


Can you send me 5-8 of you favorite moments in the story my insta is @art_episode just send it through dm :grin:


Hmmm okay I will try🤔


If I want to make video edit to a certain story what should I do when I post it? Should I tag the author or what? Should i take permission from the author first? And where do I put my name so it won’t be stolen
Sorry for bad English :sob:


Tag the author an if there are art scenes that someone else made tag them as well put song name if you use one (must be less than 30 sec) you can add your name on the bottom of it useing a layer (what do you use to make the videos?)


Thank you! I don’t know yet what I’ll use I’m just starting but i think I’ll look for a good video editor


Kinemaster, VivavmVideo, & FilmoraGo Are great!


OMG thank you :sob: :heart: