Video games discussion

Hey I’m just really bored and wanted to see if there were any other nerds out here who really enjoy video games/watching playthroughs of video games on YouTube etc

I don’t have a PS4 or anything so I can’t really play them which sucks but I love watching people like Kubz Scouts, Jacksepticeye and Pewdiepie play games especially series such as minecraft etc.

My favourite video games have to be (in order)
. Until Dawn
. Minecraft
. Life is Strange
. The Last of Us
. The Walking Dead (Telltale)
. Doki Doki literature club
. Detroit become human

And probably some others that I can’t think of right now.

Feel free to tell me your faves, or discuss some of mine with me I don’t mind, I love to talk about games I love so discussing with all of u would be really fun



Like I know no one is gonna reply to this but I just wanna geek out ok

I’m not the biggest fan of watching video game youtube channels which is crazy because I used to love watching my brother play video games but my boyfriend watches a lot of Pokemon competitive battles and I do enjoy watching people play games like Minecraft or the sims. Also I LOVE this one youtube series called monster factory which is like video game play throughs except they make the characters into monsters during the customizations. they’re really funny

I like fnaf and life is strange.

other games I like is Sims. undertale. bendy and the ink machine.

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i love a lot of game but i have my favorites ones

  1. The sims 3
  2. The sims 4
  3. Little Misfortune (yeah i know that misfortune is my profile picture)
  4. Detroit become human
  5. Beyond two souls
  6. Heavy rain
  7. The last of us
  8. Life is Strange
  9. Life is Strange 2
  10. Until dawn
  11. The last Guardian
  12. Minecraft
  13. Episode (obviously)
  14. Sea of solitude
  15. Roblox
  16. Gacha life
  17. Bitlife
  18. Garry’s mod
  20. Gravity rush
  21. Gravity rush 2
  22. Virtual morality
  23. Yandere simulator

I’ll gonna stop right here because my list is very very very long :sweat_smile:


Shiiiit girl I forgot half of those

Little Misfortune was the cutest thing I watched Jack’s playthrough
I’m a bitizen in bitlife because it’s worth the money
I can’t wait for the last of us 2 because it’s just incredible they’ve been teasing it for so long and I’m so ready for itttt
Heavy rain, beyond two souls and DBH are all amazing games, Connor is my daddy :joy::smiling_imp:
And I’ve been following yandere simulator’s development for about four years now it’s really come a long way :pleading_face:


Couldn’t follow the storyline of bendy and the ink machine but it was really good , what I watched of it :slight_smile:

Yea minecraft and the sims :ok_hand:t3:

Well I recently started undertale and it’s pretty cool.

I love Life is Strange and I bought Before the Storm but I haven’t played it yet.

I totally love Minecraft but that reminds me of my ex so I haven’t played it in a while :frowning: I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to play it again.

Oh and I LOVEEEEE all the Sims ever made lol

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I… I want to kill them all :joy:

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That’s cool the sims is really fun

Shame minecraft’s been ruined for you it’s epic

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Yeah I know but it’s like… it was our thing and he has the stupid switch lol

I can consider buying the game myself once I stop thinking about him

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Ya makes sense but in the meantime u should watch pewdiepie’s letsplay of it because it’s hilarious and just fun in general

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I loved that, I wanted the Sven Merch so bad lol

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One of my favorite YouTubers that I loved watching them play through was Coryxkenshin (yes I know I’m weird) but he’s gone now so I’m trying to get used to jack and pewdiepie

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Idk i have a wierd crush on cory, kinda sad he hasn’t uploaded any videos in a while. my favorite video of his


I used to for a while, I’ve gotten over it now but my favorite series from his was the injustice 2 one and life is strange


omg sVeN