Video question.. ✨

I see these edits of episode characters and they aren’t videos but id like to know:
How do people put music over pictures (and are able to post them on insta)
I’d also like to know the apps people use for video edits :))


I’m not an editor but I know a big app that’s used for edits is called Videostar

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Use kinemaster it’s amazing

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thank youuuu <3 do these apps have watermarks?
@Night_mare @b.a

I always have used PowerDirector :relaxed: :blob_hearts:

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U can use apps such as videostar, funimate, kinemaster etc…and to add music, it ll be easy to know when u download any of these apps or other editing apps…

Altho it has a watermark :slightly_frowning_face:

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Yes unfortunately :sneezing_face: but! You can always put something over it later

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for my edits i usually use funimate but you can cover the watermark with an emoji :slight_smile:

i use After Effects on my computer, but Funimate and Alight Motion are the best free alternatives for mobile