Video Requests For Stories (OPEN)


I have recently started getting into these video edits for stories. If you want one please
fill out this forum on google forums. If you want talk to me or be friends here is my instagram Click Me!
Click Here To Request

I make like sneak peeks, trailers, or just videos for your stories

Video Edit Requests (OPEN)

Do you have examples?


Never mind I just looked at your instagram. lol they’re so funny :joy:


no, those are stuff from another account


Ohh do you have updated ones? Sorry :joy:


are you wanting one for your stories?


Do you do intros?


like video intros? or trailers?


Like just an intro that I could put at the start of each episode of my story, to introduce it :grin: Or do you just do trailers/ sneak peeks?


i only do trailers and sneak peeks and just video edits of your story overall


Oh okay thanks anyway :grin:


I will send the pictures


Fill out the forum


It will ask you to put pictures in it and videos


Can you submit to the forum so that I can keep it?


Ok sorry


It’s fine


I like this


That was from a person I reposted from


This belongs in the art resources section. :+1:t5:

Wait, did you make two threads or is this a duplicate?