Video/trailer edit (mustread)

Hello there folks hope you are doing very very good in this difficult time. Well here I’m with a upgraded version of myself.

Well here is an offer I’ve been learning making trailers and short movie kinda thingy for episodes. So if you feel like getting one for yourself feel free to approach me in my insta DM. But it will cost little from $3-$4 depending upon what kinda trailer you need. Plus I’m a newbie in this field if you are having second thoughts on as in shall we pay for this or not … we’ll feel free to ask me for the samples of those trailers and video edits.


With love


you cannot charge for any edits if they contain episode assets, which in this case, they do.


Mm like how?.. like people charge for art scenes as well I’m a bit confused… help me out… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

they charge because of commissions. meaning they use no episode assets; whether that’s tracing from a character, using features, clothing, anything to do with episode, it’s completely their own.

you use episode assets, therefore you cannot charge anything.

Okay thank you then anyone up for free video edits ???

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Hi! Yes I might be interested. Can I PM you? x

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For sure episode.sid :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Okay! xx