Video Trailer Workshop {CLOSED}

{Not accepting until requests have been finished. Waiting list is found in the link below.}

If you would like to request a video trailer from one of our members then please read the rules and fill out the form below.


  • You can have a deadline but it has to be reasonable.
  • You have to fill out the form completely otherwise I cannot accept it.
  • Use the password trailer so I know that you have read the rules.

Instagram -
Story Name -
Music -
Length -
Deadline -
I will contact you with updates.

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Hi! I’d love to request a story trailer… If you don’t mind, then for 2 stories. I’m ready to help However I Can! So…
Instagram: Wolfylover2478
Story name: Purple Death And Wolf Of The Shadows if you don’t mind
Music: Telephone by Lady Gaga. It would be awesome if you could include the "sorry I cant hear you I’m kinda buisy.
Lenght : 50 seconds? If that’s even possible.
Deadline: November 8? I don’t know how long it May take…
Password trailer

your request has been accepted however, we have a few requests we need to finish as well. Therefore, it may take a little longer :grinning:

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It’s fine! Thank you so much!

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No problem!

I am wanting an IGTV version IG STORY Version. that I will put into highlights and will give you credit in all of this.

Instagram - @calinightart
Story Name - Unusual Girl
Music - should be yes to heaven by lana del rey.
Length - 60 seconds or more
Deadline - flexible

This will be put on the waiting list (which you can find in the link).

It may take a while as we have multiple requests to do.

No Problem! Thank you for honoring my request!

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@WolfyLover247 @calinight

Hi! I am so sorry that your requests are taking so long :confused:
I had two video editors - one who also had exams and so didn’t have a lot of spare time and the other who was dealing with personal issues. I hope you are still interested in having a trailer because I don’t want to ask them to make one if you don’t want it anymore!

Again, I am so sorry for taking so long :blue_heart:

I would still Love One! I honestly just thought that you didn’t want to make One so I didn’t bother to Ask again after you changed the title into CLOSED, but if y’all could, I’d still like to get a trailer, yet Purple Death has been removed from Episode, because GUIDELINES, so if you could make it for Wolf Of The Shadows instead…

Sure! By the way, I understand the struggles of the new guidelines and it is so annoying :roll_eyes:

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Ikr! 2 of my stories have already been removed. Everyone hates it.

I signed this petition about the guidelines. It was either so some stories could be for a specific age or to change them. But it is really stupid to be honesy.

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Do you want the first episode to be used or multiple??

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Multiple, if possible.

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