Violence guidelines


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Why can’t they create a section that you have to be 18 or over or even just not show certain stories to people underaged

I mean they just need to make the whole app
17+ these 13-14 years be grown as hell now a days anyways


Lmao ikr :joy:

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Even though they might be…

Legally, they aren’t.

To be honest, a lot of the members I’ve met are 18+. So there may be a lot more freedom if it were 18+.

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I’m disappointed


Me too, love.


One punch TKOs it is then lol


Lmaooooo :joy:

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What choice do we have honestly lol

The guidelines suck, but they do follow MPAA ratings, so there’s not much we can do. Although you can see how they use the ratings to implement their very restrictive rules. For example, the MPAA guidelines for what’s allowed in a PG-13 film say that the film can’t have “excessive violence”. Episode took the extra step to categorize “excessive violence” as more than 5 punches. Despite how much people in the film industry, especially marketing directors and producers, complain about MPAA, if we only used those for Episode stories then we would have a lot more freedom.


I would hope this doesn’t apply to action stories… imagine trying to write something similar to batman, Wonder Woman, and the like with only a five punch limit…lol

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If this is true, then I guess the whole entire action genre should just be deleted then.


If this is an actual thing then the story I’m working on is gonna get banned real quick :joy:


The 5 punch rule is not true lol… Where did that even come from? Are y’all not reading the guidelines?
I guess I will post this again because people are not seeing it. lol

This is only towards parental abuse ↓
When showing physical abuse via animations (punch, slap, etc) one punch/slap from a parent to a child is sufficient to show the reader that a child is being abused.**




Thanks for clarifying this… (Yes… We should reread the guidelines and fully understand them before commenting) I suppose I let the image of an action authors face contemplating how to create a script of only five punches get to me… (Which was seriously funny to me!) HA

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It was actually said in an email. Just like the “5 swear words” rule. A story called “Rage” by Dina D. Quixote was removed and it was said only 5 punches are allowed per chapter.

Is the email still available to see or was it posted on someone’s story?

Is it possible it was directed to that story, assuming it had excessive violence, rather than all stories? Which I highly doubt, but anything is possible.