Violet's Splash, Art, And Cover Shop!

Hello! My name is Addi but you may call me Violet! I do Art, Splashes, and Covers!! Here are my examples!





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You can do this in your story

readermessage Episode_Swapped on Instagram made me my (What I made you)

ALSO I GOT THE 2nd OUTLINE ON MY ART FROM A KC OUTLINE CONTEST! (I have made my own outlines, I just cannot find them cuz my computer is so messy)


Nice art


Hi Violet,
I wanted to get an art done, can u done for me?

i meant do one

Of course!

What do you want it to be of?

so do u have any form u want me to fill out, and if not then just tell me what u need to know.

I just need to know like what you want it to be of kinda I guess, Like if you want a character, then the characters details, ect.

So for my art,
I would like to have the male behind the female, and can u please make it look like he is holding her hand (like helping her hold the gun).

Note: this is just a prefrence of how the characters look like, I would like it if u could make them look completely realistic like…

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Alright! I will begin now!

Thank you so much, I am not trying to be rude. But can I please know when u will be done. Anyway thank you so much

OOoo yeah I alsways like to know that too when people do my art, probs 30 mins to an hour, And I will check in every 15 mins for u! Also, It will not be as realistic as that because she has done art for 20 years+ But I will try my best! :slight_smile:

okay thank you so much

This is what I have so far, I will now draw it!


Hey. Can I get an art scene?
It has these characters, holding hands, with this character in between them.

Kinda like this:
Image result for parents with child images

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Okay! I will once I am done with the previous art scene!


Wow! amazing!


Really? Tysm!