Violet's Splash, Art, And Cover Shop!


Yeah! np babe


I am so sorry, i cannot complete yours. I dearly am sorry!


Okay! Sounds good to me! I will start working!


Also I am making them Limelight (I promise they will look similar, just more realistic)


Hi, I tottally understand if u cannot do my art, but may I please just have an explanation.


I cant be that realistic


Hey gurl :purple_heart:
I would like a cover art work
With this girl in the middle of the screen - !12%20pm
Doing the exact pose
Title (in arial font black) In Love with An Outlaw
background : stars
Author name : In arail font (black) Ginaplaysgames





Thanks, it’s great! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I actually go by GinaPlaysGames, but GinaLovesGames sounds better😘


Mhm! :slight_smile:


Dear Violet i Need a new cover for my Story and i saw your work and it’s really good.The title of the Story is : I wont wait forever can i send you my characters so you could make a new cover for me that would be great!!!


Thanks so much and okay!



This is the main character and I’m sorry for replying so late I was pretty busy


And this is the other character i want on the cover


I would like the main character to put his arms around her and the other character to cry